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Candace Owens Hints At Shocking Experience In Hospital During Birth Of Second Child, Threatened With CPS And Misdemeanor Charges

The Daily Wire’s relentless firebrand, Candace Owens, made a major announcement during the tail end of her maternity leave from the company. Starting Monday, September 12th, Owens will transition from her weekly live show to a daily podcast setting, joining the ranks of Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles in their audio quest to dismantle leftist lies.

In setting up the release of the new program, Owens provided tantalizing hints about the subject matter. For her first episode, she promises to reveal a shocking experience related to medical coercion.

The Daily Wire writes:

Candace Owens announced that she will begin producing a daily podcast starting Monday with DailyWire+. The show will focus on deep dives, investigations, and exposes, and Owens gave future listeners a hint of what to expect in the show’s shocking first episode, where she will discuss what she saw as medical coercion at the hands of a hospital.

“I’ve obviously been aggressive about addressing lies and corruption in news and politics for a long time,” said Owens. “But being a mom has taken my urgency to address and expose what’s happening in our world to a whole new level.”

Owens explained that her first episode will focus on the experience she had with the hospital after the recent birth of her second child. “The hospital threatened to send child services to my house and charge me with a misdemeanor,” she said.

It’s that last sentence that has us all worried and intrigued. Why would a hospital threaten to not just call protective services, but have her charged with a misdemeanor? Owens will be addressing that question in short order.

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The Daily Wire contied with more of Owens setting up her first episode:

“From insane gender theory to corrupt medical practices to a state-sponsored media that lies to us every single day, I am deeply disturbed about the state of America and what it means for my own kids’ future,” Owens commented. “There’s no force more unstoppable than a protective parent, and this new show will be my way of blowing the lid off of the lies and corruption that seek to destroy our way of life.”

No doubt, her podcast will be a huge success. Everything Owens has done up to this point has been explosive. She is finishing up a documentary on the massive lies of the George Floyd narrative, calling out Black Lives Matter and everyone else associated with the Riots of 2020. The trailer can be seen here.

Owens has also taken the fight directly to BLM’s corrupt founders, showing up at her doorstep to have a conversation before being turned away by the cowardly, millionaire socialist Patrisse Cullors.

This, on top of working and partnering with organizations like Turning Point USA and leading the Blexit movement. She has also done a deep dive on childhood vaccines on her Parler account.

The left hates that she is a fierce black woman that takes on the evil Democrat lies that blacks are oppressed in the United States. Owens, like countless others, is living proof there is no ceiling on success in this great country, so long as you apply yourself. 

If the comment section is any indication, Daily Wire subscribers are thrilled about this new podcast format and the content Owens will push out from it. Commenters write:

When the whole world got it wrong about George Floyd, Candace was courageously blunt.

Nobody dared to speak honestly on that, but she called out BLM on this from the very beginning.

Looking forward to listening. Candace Owens has my Respect as a fighter for justice, speaking out for what is right, and simply a Wonderful Human being!! 

Candace tickles me. She’s smart and as quick as a cat when she gets into a verbal volley. She plays to win.

She is a force of nature. Looking forward to her new show.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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