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Rules For Thee: Gun-Grabbing Leftist Congresswoman Admits Two Guns Were Stolen From Her In Robbery

Far-left lunatic Karen Bass, inexplicably a sitting United States Congresslizard, revealed that her home had been broken into over the weekend and that, despite no other valuables being taken, had two firearms stolen. This story is precious because people like Bass hate the idea of law and order, so by all means, enjoy the spoils of your policies. 

If anyone deserves a crime being committed against them, it’s the politicians who create the hostile environments in the first place.

This story is also outrageously absurd, because Bass is a leading proponent in Democrats’ endless and dangerous gun-grabbing ventures. She doesn’t want you or me owning guns; only she and her statist pals have a right to force us to do things at gunpoint.

Andrea Widburg over at American Thinker pretty much sums up how most Americans feel on this issue:

I have no problem whatsoever with Bass possessing firearms. While I disagree with her politically, she’s a law-abiding citizen, and I believe this would be a safer, more polite country if every law-abiding citizen-owned firearms.

The problem I have with Bass is that she, like everyone else in the Democrat party, doesn’t think you ought to own firearms. There are no gun control laws, whether nationally or in her home state of California, that she doesn’t support. Here’s a list of gun control initiatives Bass supports (culled from here, here, here):

  • Forcing gun dealers to report all sales to the federal government
  • Banning magazines holding more than ten magazines
  • Requiring mandatory background checks for all firearm sales (including private exchanges)
  • Reinstating the federal assault weapons ban
  • Requiring background checks to purchase ammunition
  • Banning “bullet buttons”
  • Banning lending guns to one’s own family members without a background check
  • Repealing “stand your ground” laws

Democrat messaging on anything eventually gets distilled down to what appears to be hypocritical and a blatant double standard. It’s important not to think this way. They know exactly what they’re doing and are doing it because they think/know they’re better than the rest of us.

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When Gavin Newsom got busted for closing down schools and restaurants, only to be outed for sending his own children to in-person private academies and eating at a swanky Napa joint, it wasn’t hypocrisy. He simply thinks better than you and rules for plebes don’t apply to self-styled overlords. (Self-styled might not be accurate, considering California had a chance to recall him and chose not to. Instead, he is the peoples’ choice as overlord).

Nancy Pelosi’s Covid-era hairstyles and Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving privileges are not hypocritical; they are merely doing what elites do. 

Bass is currently running for L.A. Mayor – apparently not a demotion from Congress? – and is competing in a two-lizard field.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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Featured image: Office of Congresswoman Karen Bass, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons