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Oof: PA Democrat Senate Candidate Announces Himself As “John Fetterwoman”

Proving that Democrats and leftists will never actually hit rock bottom, Pennsylvania’s Democrat candidate for Senate, the stroked out John Fetterman, made a pathetic plea to female voters by hoisting up a pink shirt emblazoned with the word “Fetterwoman” and announcing his “name is John Fetterwoman!”

It’s as if every other speaking engagement of him sputtering and emulating Joe Biden’s rambling, choppy incoherence had his team think: What else can we do to embarrass him and make Pennsylvania voters look even more stupid for supporting him?

Just yuck:

Of course, for this schtick to work Fetterman would have to concede that the sexual binary is real – otherwise he risks offfending the infinite genders along the supposed pectrum. Why is he just John Fetterwoman? Doesn’t he know about the spectrum? How close minded and bigoted of him. Also, pink? Are we confirming gender stereotypes?

A real hero to the LGBT caucus would make a shirt saying he’s John Walrux-man or John Nonbinary-man. 

As always, the real losers in this are women. It is insane to think people actually buy into this ruse; however, it is tragically all-too-plausible in our dumbed-down country to imagine an undecided voter thinking they were on the fence (which, admittedly is a real issue considering the GOP passed on Kathy Barnette for the ridiculously un-conservative Mehmet Oz) and only confirming their vote by seeing a pink shirt.

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Tucker Carlson delivered a mind-blowing monologue detailing the abysmal state of existence held by Fetterman – even before his stroke. As Tucker pointed out, he is a classic spoiled brat who has never held a real job in his life and through his mid-forties earned a living by getting an allowance. 

As bad as that is, at least it was his own parents footing trhe bill. Since becoming mayor and Lt. Gov. of Pennsulavnia, Braddock has also oeeched off the taxpayers.

Tucker’s entire monlogue is worth watching:

For generations, Braddock, Pennsylvania, was a real place and then inevitably the steel plant closed and the usual disasters arrived — unemployment, hopelessness, drugs. People left by the thousands, but one man saw an opportunity in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Not an opportunity for the town, but an opportunity for himself. That man’s name was John Fetterman. Fetterman was 35 years old and had never in his life had a real job…

Fetterman had spent his adult life going to school — first to business school, then to Harvard for a so-called Masters of Public Policy, which for the uninitiated, is an utterly meaningless document that you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in order to tell people that you went to Harvard. But in Fetterman’s case, it wasn’t expensive at all. It was free. His dad paid for it and paid for everything else. As the Philadelphia Inquirer put it, “For a long stretch, lasting well into his 40s, deep into middle-age, Fetterman’s main source of income came from his parents. They gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone.

In other words, John Fetterman was a classic trustafarian, a flaky, middle-aged man looking for a purpose in life and in Braddock, Pennsylvania, he found one. In 2005, a year after arriving in Braddock, Fetterman announced he was running for mayor and amazingly, boldly, given that he was a professional student living off his rich family, John Fetterman decided to run as a blue-collar populist — but the media asked no questions. 

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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