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Skipping Across The Stage Wiping Out History And Southern Evil

Dr. Ed Young pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston sounded off with a typical political statement regarding “woke-ism and political history–American political history. Early in his “Elmer Gantry” styled stage dictation he stumbled over his own alleged history degree learnings with the faux pas that the first slave ship, of the Massachusetts Bay Company, landed and delivered the first slaves to Jamestown Virginia.

Sorry, Ed. Wrong place for that company. Those guys would be poking around Plymouth Ma., not Jamestown, Va. The Virginia Bay company would be looking for Virginia. In any event, the ship was neither, but was an English privateer, The White Lion, and was not delivering an “order” of slaves but was trying to get rid of them for a special lucre, in this case, food, not profit or gold. Though they would have taken such high-dollar items listed secondarily since they were pirates, not traders.

Also, those black (Negroid—as per The Outline of History) slaves were purchased from other black slaves who had captured them and sold them to white (Caucasoid—as per The Outline of History) pirate traders–Young seemed preoccupied with skin color along with his love of history. 

As far as that goes most slaves (in Africa) were first enslaved by other tribal blacks, then sold on the west coast of Africa to slave traders. Those traders from the American colonies were all of New England registry. No slave ship ever sailed from a Southern port. The norther colonies were the navigation society, the southern colonies the agrarian society–just for history, Ed.

Somehow in Ed Young’s world (at least of history), the people who loved Jesus landed to the north in Massachusetts and the secular (his word) landed in Virginia. 

Has this “historian” ever heard of James Henry Thornwell or Robert Lewis Dabney? What seminary must Young have visited for his scholarship? Transylvania’s Free State of Thought?

James Henley Thornwell and Southern Religion – Abbeville Institute

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But then this is a man from Jones County, Mississippi, and an admitted voter for Jimmy Carter. So, we’re not dealing with high-tone intellect here. Like Kamala speaking on any subject. 

And just for the record and from the Holy Bible, God apparently made nothing equal. If he did, he did a heck of a teaser when he made the Hebrews His chosen people. As a matter of fact, to suggest that God made anything equal (within or without species) is improper insofar as scriptural teaching. This point could go on and on, but good grief. And while I would agree that Dr. Ben Carson is one of the top neurosurgeons in the world (color be damned) he is not the equal of Tom Brady, QB. And I wouldn’t allow Tom Brady to tune my car, by the way.

This is where we exist in the creation from whence you seem to condemn with your worship of egalitarianism, Ed Young. So, you choose the Church of Revelation’s final stance for your lectures where there is no Jew, no Gentile, etc. to condemn; while you stand as the “saved” man above all those sinners and those cretin sinners of the past who should have known what you know two or three centuries ago before you were born. 

Do you see the picture, Ed, about God and equality? The color of the skin is there because God put it there. He put it for a reason. Why? I don’t know anyone who knows. But He did it because he knows all. Your bloviating, ala dancing across the stage and condemning observance of “color” as an evil notion is a bit smarty-pants-juvenile. It has some importance in God’s eyes whether we understand why or not. It is NOT true that “All men are created equal.” If Tom Brady turned black it wouldn’t affect his throwing a pass. If Dr. Carson turned white, he could still root around in somebody’ brain with great success.

Young also determined that the Pilgrims to the north came and settled because they “loved Jesus.” Well, maybe they did love Jesus but they landed at Plymouth Rock because they were off course. And the Jamestown colony that first came in 1607 (Virginia Bay Company) did not come looking for gold. Nor did they bring “their slaves.” Their announced purpose was for the betterment of themselves and the glory of England. 

Three ships, The Godspeed, The Susan Constance, and The Discovery landed on May 13, 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia. Upon landing they gave thanks to God (so, Ed, I guess they loved Jesus, too) And this was of course the first Thanksgiving. Unless you count the first eating of victuals in December 1619 as the first. Both dates, of course, predate the fictitious “first” Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims of Plymouth in1620. But, what the heck, Ed we’re just chatting history (that everybody knows you love, you say).

And as if Young’s ramblings are not enough, he really takes off on slavery with no more than a monstrous fabled knowledge of the care, treatment, and laws regarding slavery in the Western Hemisphere—particularly the American South.  No knowledge of those involved from Africa to the west via the Atlantic Slave Trade and its numbers, reasons, the whys, the whereof, the hypocrisy, and cruelty of both whites and blacks via truth of Biblical history. 

Young’s analysis of those who came 250 years before him (the “Founders”)  along with their treatment and understanding of their own written documents, in time and place, secularly and spiritually is in many minds the kind of hypocrisy that today’s presentism pastors (many aren’t) use to fill the coffers, particularly for the “mega” churches. Those where only two or three are gathered surely are “racist.” Of course, they will rot in hell with the other side’s “wokies.”

Young is a man for whom the words “untutored” and “presentism” were crafted into Webster’s. 

There are enough problems Dr. Young right here in Houston without your political pretensions and histrionic horror stories. If you want to help, try studying history for a change.  Or just stay off of the stage. 

God help those who listen to you.

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Featured image: Screen shot, YouTube.