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“Their Virtue Signaling Is A FRAUD”: Ron DeSantis Nukes Left-Wing Democrats Over Immigration

Florida’s Ron DeSantis took a blowtorch to Democrats’ fragile and fraudulent ideology by addressing the news he had sent two planes full of illegal immigrants to the upper class leftist enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. 

Speaking about the hypocritical messaging from Democrat leaders and spokespeople who don’t like having to deal with the problems wrought by their policies, DeSantis didn’t hold back when defending his move to a crowd of journalists and supporters.

Watch as DeSantis absolutely annihilates leftist virtue signaling:

“We are not a sanctuary state and it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction. And yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you, to be able to go to greener pastures.

Biden would fly people in the middle of the night. Dump them all across this country. There was no warning on any of this. 

And all those people in DC and New York were beating their chests when Trump was president, saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions, saying how bad it was to have a secure border.

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The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with everyday is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk and they’re so upset that this is happening.

And it just shows you their virtue signaling is a fraud.”

Predictably, Team Brandon immediately denounced the deserved arrival of illegals from red states to self-styled sanctuary jurisdictions, claiming the move violated the standing process for handling migration. One can only assume the current process being championed is to allow border towns to be flooded by arrivals and then shipped quietly across the country to unsuspecting communities of their choice.

Watch as the in-over-her-head Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre takes a loaded question from a reporter inquiring about the legality of measures seen by Texas governor Greg Abbott and DeSantis:

Reporter: Is the administration looking into whether busing migrants around the country is legal?

Jean-Pierre: As we have said repeatedly, there is a process in place, we have had a process in pace, there’s a legal way of doing this, and for managing migrants, Republican governors interfering in that process and using migrants as political pawns is shameful, is reckless, and just plain wrong.

Earlier, the communications director from DeSantis’ governor’s office called out progressive, left-wing states for their ability to better handle an influx of illegal immigrants. Like the governor explained, states that express an interest in wanting to serve countless immigrants are best poised to do exactly that.

“Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations.”

“States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies.”

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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