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Watch: Tucker Carlson Launches Into Epic Takedown Of Democrats’ Immigration Hypocrisy In Must-See Monologue

Tucker Carlson gave the most targeted analysis of the fraudulent exercise of Democrat virtue signaling in his latest monologue Thursday night. Just as Ron DeSantis noticed Democrat “virtue signaling is a fraud” by highlighting how leftist voters actually want nothing to do with the immigrants they profess to care so deeply about, so too did Carlson compare the empty words of leftists to their hideous actions.

Carlson began with one of the most obvious summations driving the frustration of conservatives who want closed borders and the Democrats who pretend to care more: “People who make and advocate for certain policies should at some point have to live with those policies,” he said. 

That is all anyone has ever asked. If the border is to remain porous, then it is on those who vote for such nonsense to carry the burden. No more border towns, no more midwest communities receiving midnight flights. Let Democrats and their communities shoulder the task of standing by immigrants and refugees as they claim we all should.

Carlson noted, though, that this is hardly ever the case: 

But until now, they haven’t had to. Bill Gates goes to Martha’s Vineyard. So does Oprah James Taylor, Spike Lee, Amy Schumer, and many more, and all of them every one is a much better person than you are because they support diversity. And now for the first time, they’re going to have some diversity. 

But it’s just the beginning. Martha’s Vineyard will need many, many more illegal aliens 10s of 1000s more until the island is no longer majority white, only then can it be a good place. Yet at the same time, the people who currently go to Martha’s Vineyard are going to have to keep going there. They can’t run away to somewhere else. That would be immoral. It would be as Michelle Obama has told us white flight. 

Here is the full monologue:

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Carlson continued:

Now massive demographic change will obviously make Martha’s Vineyard, a very different sort of place. But that’s okay. Change is good. Anyone who fears change is racist. We know that for sure. Because they told us that for years. So where are you may ask, Will all these new people live on such a small island? 

Simple. First, they can occupy Barack Obama’s compound. There is no reason Obama needs that much space. Nobody needs that much space. You can probably fit a dozen immigrant families in Barack Obama’s pool house and another five or six in the pantry. 

Keep going. Build a soccer field on the lawn and outdoor goat barbecue by the back door and bingo, you’ve got affordable housing, but it won’t be enough. The vignette is going to need to construct shanty towns for all these new people but we can’t call them shanty towns, obviously, that’s demeaning. 

After identifying the corrupt and immoral double standard, Carlson delved into his trademark humor. Still attacking the stupidity of their ideas and the fraudulence of their faux morality, he hilariously uses leftists’ own language.

So we’re gonna call them townships after Obama’s favorite country, and then we’re gonna give them dignified names that suggests some kind of victory over adversity. Mandela, Cesar Chavez Ville, Kamala a populace. Now, each side, each one will put a plaque with that famous Emma Lazarus poem, just so that everybody knows that these are not ordinary favelas. 

He also points out that the residents have little room to complain or defend themselves:

And just in case, there are still vineyard owners who think they have the right to protect what they own think again, people, we refer you to the case of the fascist McClaskey family in St. Louis, who wants tried that tried to defend what theirs and they got indicted for it. So that’s not allowed.

But we can’t fully trust you. Somebody’s gonna have to go door to door to make sure that not one person on Martha’s Vineyard keeps a gun at home. Because self defense can be tempting even for Democratic voters. There’s a lot of change for the vineyard and they’re going to start work soon the summer season begins on Memorial Day. 

So when Amy Schumer shows up to her place in June, she better be ready to find an illegal alien family using her bath towels. Yes, she will. And let’s hope she doesn’t complain about it. Because as Joe Biden often reminds us, illegal, illegal immigration is a gift.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons