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Boom: Florida’s First Lady Rolls Out Wildly Successful “Mamas For DeSantis” Campaign

Ron DeSantis isn’t the only resident in the Florida governor’s mansion taking on wokeness and messaging Florida voters on the importance of protecting children.

DeSantis’ wife and Florida’s First Lady, Casey, is nothing short of amazing herself. The mother of three and survivor of cancer is now launching “Mamas For DeSantis” and its momentum is spreading faster than one of far-left lunatic governor Gavin Newsom’s California wildfires. 

On the Mamas for DeSantis movement, Trending Politics writes:

The First Lady, through this initiative, reached out to women in Florida, explaining to them that their children are the future of the state and they must be protected. She noted that choosing to come out and vote for who can protect these children better and ensure that they get to reach their full potential is a necessary step they have to take. 

They know that DeSantis is the candidate who truly cares about the children’s education and future, seeing how he has been protecting and fighting for their rights so far. However, they cannot assume he will get reelected if they do not go and cast their votes and show support themselves.

The First Lady’s mission was successful as she rallied the women of Florida to come out united to support DeSantis’s campaign. At one of her “Mamas for DeSantis” events last month, women dressed in bright-coloured outfits as they supported and hailed DeSantis.

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Casey and the rest of the mothers with whom she connects express the same concern: That the state of public education under Democrat control is a danger to their children. In particular, they don’t want radical race and gender “theories” exposed to young, innocent, and impressionable students. 

Schools should be teaching content, not preparing activists. Indeed, one woman interviewed by Casey said as much, noting that leftist education corrupts children. 

I think the worst mistake that this president did was to mess with us women, with our children. Because we as a women, we say, ‘You don’t mess with our children. These are my children, and we fight for them.’”

When the initiative was undertaken earlier this June, the state of Florida was embroiled in a major culture war pitting husband Ron against the woke brigade. He signed legislation limiting how much curriculum focusing on sexuality could be introduced to kindergarten students and they lost their minds. 

Disney soon backed the LGBT activists, who claimed not teaching five-year-olds about gender theory and spectrums was akin to erasing identities. DeSantis took heat from the corporate media, triggered activists, and corporate entities like Disney, but stood his ground. Despite the torrend of negative backlash and coverage, polls later revealed that parents of all viewpoints favored the move. 

Similarly, parents are rightfully concerned of what happens when Democrats control the governor’s mansion and/or Department of Education. Largely seen as the reason for losing a shoe-in race, Virginia’s Terry McAullife famously said parents should not have a say in what schools teach their children. This sentiment has since been echoed, though perhaps not as explicitly, but other prominent Democrats.