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Boom: Ron DeSantis SMASHES Fundraising Records, Raises Eye-Popping Dollar Amount

Florida governor Ron DeSantis smashed fundraising records, according to the newest report from OpenSecrets, an organization that follows “the money in politics.”

DeSantis has hauled in a staggering $177 million dollars, a combination of his gubernatorial re-election campaign ($31 million) and his state-level PAC, Friends of Ron DeSantis ($146 million). Of note is that these figures do not take into account last week’s epic transplant of illegal immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard, which has won wide praise from the right for exposing the utter stupidity of leftist voters and hypocrisy of elected politicians.

OpenSecrets has not only been keeping tabs on DeSantis. The organization reported the fundraising status of whom it considers the top twenty likeliest presidential candidates in 2024, showing wide disparities in fundraising ability. Leading the list, obviously, is the record-setting DeSantis, outperforming former president Donald Trump by a considerable margin. 

The top five fundraisers on the list were: DeSantis ($177 million), Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker ($134 million), Donald Trump ($131 million), Republican Senator Mike Pence ($35 million), and former vice president Mike Pence ($18 million).

Laughably, Joe Biden has raised less than $12 million and California’s Gavin Newsom, no doubt eyeing the presidency after staving off a much-deserved recall effort last year, has raised a paltry $6 million.

Linguistic expert Kamala Harris has barely raised over $500,000.

Noting that the Martha’s Vineyard barnstorming has not even been factored into DeSantis’  totals, The Daily Wire followed up on the Florida governor’s response to the frantic media and Democrat apparatus. His action and doubling down will no doubt keep checks coming.

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DeSantis hammered Biden over his administration’s response to DeSantis sending the 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week by noting the lack of urgency that the administration has shown in confronting other crises.

“I also was a little bit perplexed when I heard that the president is scrambling to get his Cabinet together to try to address the fact that you have governors who are helping to relocate illegal aliens to sanctuary cities,” DeSantis said. “Now, he didn’t scramble to get his Cabinet together when we had millions of people illegally pouring across the southern border.”

“He didn’t scramble to get his Cabinet together when you had 43, 53 migrants die in some trailer in Texas because they were neglected by the federal government,” DeSantis continued. “You didn’t see him scramble to get his Cabinet together when we had Americans that were victimized by criminal aliens that he let across the border. You didn’t see him scramble to get his Cabinet together when we hit record fentanyl deaths, which, that fentanyl is coming across his open border. It’s only when you have 50 illegal aliens end up in a very wealthy, rich sanctuary enclave that he decides to scramble on this.”

Ron DeSantis faces off against Charlie Crist in the November election cycle in his bid to reclaim the governorship and continue melting leftist brains. DeSantis barely eked out a victory against Andrew Gillum in 2018 and is currently shows a 92% of winning re-election, according to the Daily Wire.