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Martha’s Vineyard Locals Asked Obama To Welcome Illegals In His $15 Million Estate, Former Prez Gave Predictable Response

Former president Barack Obama calls Martha’s Vineyard home, at least in the summer. A man who thinks climate change will cause sea levels to rise and that racism is in this country’s DNA apparently has no problem spending $15 million on a coastal island estate whose inhabitants are more than 90% white.

It should come as no surprise to learn, then, that the man who said this country “is and always has been a nation of immigrants” and added that the “basic idea of welcoming immigrants” is central to being an American today has been absolutely silent on the arrival and subsequent deportation of fifty illegal immigrants to his quaint summer hood. 

As Fox News writes, the former president neither offered his home, the acreage upon which the house was built, or any public response to Ron DeSantis’ powerhouse exposure of leftist hypocrisy.

Former President Barack Obama and several other high-profile Democrats who own homes on Martha’s Vineyard have remained silent on whether they will open up their homes to provide comfort to any illegal immigrants sent to the island by Republican governors.

Representatives for the former president did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Fox News Digital on whether he has considered opening up his sprawling 29-acre estate on Martha’s Vineyard to illegal immigrants who have been sent to the island or may be in the future.

In addition, Fox News Digital reached out to representatives for prominent public supporters of President Biden who own homes on Martha’s Vineyard but did not receive a response.

Those Martha’s Vineyard residents include singer James Taylor, director Spike Lee and comedian David Letterman, who all reportedly have homes on the island.

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Former Trump Advisor Stephen Miler appropriately pointed out that the Obamas alone could have absorbed DeSantis’ arrivals – on their own. Somehow, the shrieking hyenas running the supposed homeless shelter couldn’t manage to support just fifty arrivals, and this entire time it would have taken just one family to handle everything.

Obama’s compound alone – if cots, trailers and tents are installed – could easily house several thousand illegal migrants,” former Trump adviser Stephen Miller tweeted. “Americans, during actual natural disasters (not illegal immigration for economic benefit) have been forced to sleep in stadiums and makeshift FEMA shelters.

The reference to trailers and tents can easily be seen as a reference to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party last year, an event which hosted hundreds of guests under makeshift structures. The event also violated most Covid recommendations at the time from many other Democrat leaders, such as not requiring proof of vaccination, a negative test, six feet of separation, and the wearing of a mask.

Fox News also reported that it wasn’t just Obama and a few other celebrities being massively hypocritical. The entire island is one big cesspool of virtue signaling leftists.

Duke’s County, which comprises 11 islands off the coast of Massachusetts but is 99% represented by residents of Martha’s Vineyard, voted overwhelmingly for President Biden in the 2020 election by a margin of 77.7% to former President Trump’s 20.6%.

Biden carried every town on the island from Aquinnah on the western coast, where he won 87.6% to 9.6%, to the main hub of Edgartown on the eastern coast, where he won 70.6% to 27.5%.

Former President Obama carried Duke’s County by 48 points in 2012 and by 52 points in 2008.