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The Welfare Of The People Is The Highest Law

The welfare of the people is the highest law – Cicero.

The reversal of the citizens’ position in our governmental structure has been almost completed.  Our freedoms and God given rights are a memory. We are now willing or unwilling tools of the government creature that grows with its’ insatiable appetites. 

Ancient politicians in Athens or Rome could easily judge the effect of their actions on the populace.  The people could breathe down the necks of their oppressors and gather to express anger or disgust over their actions.  This kept the entire edifice of government and the people balanced effectively.  Theft and corruption was most easily undertaken overseas rather than under the watchful eye of the citizenry.   When the corruption and corruptors moved closer to home the oppressive boot of the state changes the operating dynamic.

Our relatively brief period of citizen control of the boot is fading rapidly into the mirror.  The foundations of our beliefs about our society have been destroyed by the usual greed and moral turpitude inherent in those attracted to the sparkling lights of money and attention. Those that have the need to be controlled by a strong protective hand are satisfied.

We naively believed that the government could be trusted to work for our defense and betterment.  That concept has been washed far downstream leaving only those with a stake in the continuance of governmental dominance safely ashore. We currently operate under a system that is divided into the “give some to me” and the “give it all to me” groups otherwise known as the uniparty.  

The US has devolved from the largest and most powerful empire in history to a money grubbing struggle by politicians and other societal misfits for domination of our country under the guidance of the WEF.  The WEF is desperate attempt for the Euro-peons to reassert their world control after a century of financial insignificance and has reached a point of decision.  The awareness of their own recent self destruction in Ukraine has again escaped the view of these international socialist movements.

The combination of the US and EU governmental structures has coalesced under the umbrella of the WEF which is a direct descendant of the National Socialist movement in Europe.  Unfortunately for these simpletons, they have made a critical error.  The majority of the American host upon which they wish to attach themselves is not interested in providing for them or adhering to their dictates.  

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One of the basic theories of their concept is population reduction.  They believe that there are too many inferior mouths to feed on the planet. Looking at todays’ circle of adherents is quite illuminating and amusing. Imagine the Puritan coasts supporting eugenics. Today they are at a point where they feel strong enough to broadcast their plans.  The WEF has been making proclamations for the past year admitting their goals of population reduction.  Bringing this idea and plan of the WEF to light has weakened their chances for success immeasurably.  The recent movement of illegal aliens to Marthas’ Vineyard has given a public viewing of their hypocrisy that will not be forgotten.

The other world economic engines, Russia and China have both indicated that they are independent of the US/EU domination program.  Their response to this idea of WEF dominance has brought the parade up short.  Weaknesses that were quite apparent to the studious observer are now open for all to see and enjoy. The recent alliance between China and Russia obviates their need for the EU completely.  The Belt and Road program of China includes several of the poorer EU countries and magnifies the underlying difficulties of the WEF system.  The pending collapse of the EU due to the Ukrainian debacle and the rise of the petroruble have thrown a wrench into the euro system that cannot be eliminated. 

Are the eastern EU countries loyal to China or Brussels?  Will they follow the EU into a cold hungry winter?  Who can afford to pay for these fiascos?  The USA has bailed Europe out of difficulty financially for 100 years. Our elite is ready to repeat the process. This is the question that history will debate in the coming centuries.  I suspect we deplorables are no longer interested.  The welfare of the people shall soon be remembered as the highest law and ultimate function of government.

The Madame

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.