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Cancel Culture CANCELED: Roseanne Barr Announces NEW Comeback Show With Fox News

Has it already been four years since Roseanne Barr, eponymous lead in the rejuvenated 90s classic, was canceled by ABC for a tweet that the usual suspects labeled “racist”? Fans of the show and readers alike remember all too well that Barr’s return to the television screen was abruptly cut short after leftists saw her influence gaining too much traction.

The Daily Wire, reporting on the 2018 incident, said:

In 2018, Barr was fired from the reboot of her incredibly popular ABC series “Roseanne,” following a tweet that was quickly labeled racist. The show was canceled and the series later came back to the network without her, retitled “The Conners.”

She recently spoke about that tweet — which read, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby” — and was aimed at former White House senior adviser to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Roseanne later apologized somewhat for the tweet, blaming it on her Ambien use, saying:

“I shoulda not did it, but by God, I was really pissed that day. I did something I wouldn’t do if I hadn’t been on that Ambien. It makes you do a lot of crazy s***.” She also apologized on Twitter for her anti-Jarret tweet on Twitter, saying “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.

Despite her immediate apology, ABC went ahead and canceled the show just to spite her. As always, they don’t want anyone’s apology – they just want people erased and punished. At the time, and certainly in hindsight, it seemed and still seems clear enough the only reason she was canceled was her known, well-publicized support of Donald Trump. The fact that a prominent Trump supporter could host a number one show was too much of a threat. 

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Jimmy Kimmel abused blackface for years, for example, and nothing has ever happened to him. The outrage is quite selective and purposeful in its application.

Whatever the left’s intent, their efforts have now failed. It has been announced that Roseanne is making a comeback, with Fox Nation, a news-streaming service operating under the larger Fox News umbrella. Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, offered a statement about the new show, which will debut in 2023, saying:

“Roseanne is a comedy icon whose humor connects with the American audience like no other. Her ability to channel the challenges of everyday people and find the humor in it all has earned her the passionate following of millions of dedicated fans. We are thrilled to add her comedy special exclusively to the Fox Nation catalog.”

Deadline added more to the story, reporting:

The special is the latest Fox Nation entertainment offering, as the streamer has tried to build on the Fox News audience beyond news programming. Other recent content includes Duck Family Treasure and the upcoming Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back and Yellowstone: One-Fifty with Kevin Costner.

Both Fox and Roseanne are offering a prime example of how to fight back against cancel culture. Thanks to Fox Nation, she’ll be back on TV and provide her unique perspective and humor – and best of all – conservative appeal to audiences once more. It will be fun to watch her get after leftist nonsense again – and it is always wonderful to see cancel culture fail.