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Those Who Do Not Learn From History End Up At CNN Et Al

I have noticed two things recently. Both should be a bright light to conservatives of the first order, that is Southerners. Then, possibly, conservatives, generally, who believe in a federal republic.

First, Tucker Carlson had a CNN taped segment of Don Lemons (studious fellow that he is?) listening to a British woman by the name of Hilary Fordwich, consultant, speaking regarding Buckingham Palace and the billionaire royal family’s expected obligation to make reparations for slavery—of course.

Lemons smiled, then listened to Ms, Fordwich’s comments.

Lemons sat with an almost startled look on his face. This young, seemingly uneducated, CNN commentator (I suppose) as well as a grafted-on dupe of the Black Lives Matter sort of race-chiseling, grifters, looked as if he had been expecting to receive a response of something like: 

“Oh you poor little ‘ol negro boy, you need some money from the old evil white folks because y’all dumb n****** was too stupid to get out of the way of the old evil ‘original sin’ that God give to the white folks. And the royal kings and princes and stuff like that with crowns and all the mor’n of that English stuff is in the rich giving liberal bidness. Jes like them evil negro hating Confederate devils who went to war to keep y’all all chained up to do all their stuff for free! Praise Jesus!” 

But, that ain’t what she said!

Instead, he received a brief lecture from the British commentator about what the true thread of history is and was. That is, that slavery in black Africa began with blacks enslaving blacks and bringing them to white slave traders on the coast. The white slave traders did NOT enter the African interior and capture blacks.

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This thread has been a source of comment for Southern defenders since the end of one of the evilest and most destructive periods in American history (or any history): The Southern Reconstruction. That is the beginning of the victors writing history– as they always do.   

With an expression like he had just been smacked in the face with a flounder, Lemons timidly and with an emotional expression of “oh s***!”  thanked the commentator and withdrew to his own mental muddling. He slunk away (metaphorically speaking, as the popular multi-used and mostly ill-used phrase goes).

The commentator had pointed out a fact of history that is left out in shameful absence by not only the media and its aides of the left (CNN, MXNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, WAPO, the History Channel)—the usual suspects. But this is no surprise. These people, for the most part, are liars, and frauds when simply reporting(about) the news. 

But the real enemy, to the South and its conservatives, is the supposedly anti-Southern-pro conservative and (lick your chops), The Republicans and their Swamp allies. Remember Donald Trump didn’t say “Drain the Democrat Swamp.” He said, “Drain THE Swamp.” But back to the subject.

The point of history that has always been thrown out like a carnival barker drawing ploy has been the South and its evil and corrupt slavocracy.  That is, most histories taught on the subject of slavery make the American South the originator, agitator, and sinful indoctrinator of the (I love this idiocy) ORIGINAL SIN of America.  And to the average student, usually in public school, this gets rolled into, by some university-taught “educator” (my god what a fool word) a lecture as follows: 

The American South, which ended up with somewhat around 5 % of the African slaves was responsible for the other 95% scattered around the Americas from Brazil to Massachusetts.  And not only that the American South sailed to Africa (without ships), landed on the west African coasts, penetrated dense jungles, and then rounded up millions of slaves, put them in chains, sailed back through New England (having dropped a few million off for the sharks), turned them over to New Englanders to resell to the Southerners who man-stole them in the first place. The South then brutalized and killed slaves (usually for fun) in the cotton fields and then set sail for a new batch. Whew! 

However, the wonderful God-fearing Yankee puritanical brethren to the north under the leadership of the lovable “Honest” Abe (notorious liar) Lincoln had had enough of the South’s evil doings and fought a war to end this evil. They then did so, including burning and looting of the South in a fashion that would have made Quintus Fabius Maximus proud. But, finally, all God’s children (down South) were free.

Now that is the history that pretty much has been taught and Southerners have fought for years. And they did so while being the most loyal of recaptured citizens and providing in every American war a disproportionate number of men (black and white), both as enlisted men and within the officer corps. 

In the beginning, I mentioned “two” things. The second thing is a word that finally has popped up recently in an unsuspected place. That being on the pseudo-conservative “Fox News.”  That word is one that, if not understood, if not used in any study of history, will doom those who seek the truth in history. Sadly, that covers a whole bunch of people on the left and (so-called) right. 

The word: “presentism.” Look it up. Or don’t. 

One of the South’s finest understood it: Booker T. Washington. 

Deo Vindice

Paul Yarbrough is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller. His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.