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The Simpletons Of Our Foreign Policy Establishment Strike Again

Our foreign policy establishment is based on a centuries old bureaucratic system that is easily defined. “How can I get promoted”?  It requires a group of thrusters that  have a mediocre IQ but an innate ability to repeat established historical bromides as current facts. When a new employee at the department arrives his first task is to memorize the doctrines of his superiors.  When this has been accomplished he has completely eliminated any competing ideas to the status quo of the department.  Voila’ a new slug on the conveyor belt of recycled analysis.

 An unprecedented action results in quite a stir among the ranks at Foggy Bottom.  Independent thought becomes essential as new policies must be adapted for current use.  The intellect and talents required for such an occurrence are unheard of. Scurrying around and searching for precedents is rare indeed.  New leaders are vomited up overthrowing the hierarchy that has developed over decades.

We have now been driven to a precipice overlooking such an occurrence.  The last such situation was the banking takeover of our foreign and domestic policy under Woody Wilson. The “make the world safe for democracy” crowd is still in vogue with a few minor adjustments. The financial system has been the instigator of the current policies that have attempted to reduce Russia to a vassal state of the EU and US.  

The EU while emulating the US Federal system has succeeded in bringing poverty to the Mediterranean members but little else. Unfortunately the EU political structure has been unable to comprehend that their Federal unity was all a facade as they have regressed to their usual state of submission to a central national power structure.  The Global Warming political facade has left them naked before their inquisitors.

Our State Department eagerly jumped into bed with their EU social betters in hopes of further extending their power.  The other allies in the attempt for world domination are the London and New York financiers.  No one was prescient enough to take the massive presence of Russia into account.  She has an incredible amount and variety of resources necessary for keeping modern industries producing. The EU has few resources and a large population and therefore has created a non self sufficient industrial base to support itself.  The Global Warming racket has been exposed as a joke which again has created an EU dependency on an enemies resources as predicted by Reagan 40 years ago.

It would appear to be a perfect match.  Raw materials next door to a manufacturing plant.  Food growing over the next fence.  Unfortunately the mediocrities at the State Department were in charge and continued with their struggles understanding new factors in the cause and effect equations on policy.  No alliance had been the policy concerning Russia for 30 years and therefore no changes could be made.  The military industrial complex as always needed to be fed so that the politicians could have champagne, tarts and plump bank accounts.

The borders in the East have always been in a state of flux.  The greatest upheaval was in 1919.  The treaties of Sevres with Turkey, St Germain en Laye with Austria, Neuilly with Bulgaria, Trianon with Hungary destroyed four empires while leaving Russia  struggling with a civil war and with the remnants of its’ old empire spread among several countries.  Our policy concept was basically “out of site out of mind.”  Russia and Czar Vladimir have never forgotten their old empire. The Russian government attempts at alliance system with the West failed because of our arrogance and money.  This current war is simply a continuation of European border struggles.

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The change has been the huge international trading program that has grown exponentially since the end of  WW2. The financial system is all smoke and mirrors for the benefit of the banks, but it had been reluctantly partially been accepted worldwide for the purpose of trade.  Hubris of course always has revenge waiting around the corner.  Russia has now exposed that the US/Euro dollar is overextended and depended upon too extensively.  There is only one currency that is accepted worldwide.  That is a loaf of bread.  All else is a mirage as you cannot eat paper currency or gold.  We may soon be reawakening to that fact.

The Czar now has more money and independence with China, India and other new petroleum partners . His military has underperformed across the theater but historically Mother Russia eventually is dominant. The recent announcement of three hundred thousand reservists be called up has set the situation on its’ ear. We have now cornered the Czar and what will be his response?  He has killed 8 of his rivals for power.  His populace is demonstrating in the streets and being arrested for their trouble.  Backing a man into a corner who has nuclear weapons when he is nervous about personal safety is not a wise move.  We are now sitting on the ultimate powder keg.  All for Joe Bribe ems’ and the DC slugs’ financial benefit.  

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