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Your Voice Is Your Vote This November

Project it loudly and clearly and get rid of these anti-American, leftist bastards. Their policies are economic suicide for you, for me, and for America.

“It is a time for choosing.” Ronald Reagan

You CAN be prosperous again.
You CAN feel safe again.
Your children and grandchildren CAN have bright futures again.
Your country CAN be respected again.
You CAN afford vacations and food again.
You CAN have a military made up of warriors again.
Your doctor CAN practice medicine again.
America CAN welcome legal immigrants in a responsible way.
You CAN determine your destiny.

Vote NO to woke. Vote NO to impoverished masses, the open border, and the gutting of America’s middle class. Vote NO to educating children to accept victimhood.

Vote YES to autonomy, and to self-respect earned through hard work. Vote YES for individualism over socialism. Vote YES for freedom to speak your mind. So vote as if your life and livelihood depended on it, because they do.

When you see corruption and call it out, it is not treason.

Donald Trump is not in it for the money. He is in it for YOU. His candidates are, likewise, in it for YOU.

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Enough of high interest rates, high inflation, high crime, high emotions spurred by divisive rhetoric! It is high time.