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The Status Quo Is Rapidly Approaching The Cliff

The memorial services for Queen Elizabeth brought out millions of citizens and should be a very poignant reminder of the will of the people of Britain to the sleazy political crowd in charge of their money and their borders.  There are millions of American people that have also been relegated to the shadows by the same groups that are dominating Great Britain.  The huge of  numbers of citizens that live, work and play in our countries that have been ignored in the political equation actually control their own futures if they will put forth the effort.  Today we have at the apex of our government financial bolsheviks only interested in their own survival. They would be wise to remember that the American revolution was fought by about 2% of the population.

Great divisions over religion are fairly common throughout history.  One of the most bloody and significant in western history was the Thirty Years war.  The war began with a small rebellion against the corruption in the Roman Church.  The split became violent and political, and quickly expanded which resulted in new countries and rulers formed by seceding groups. Our country is as divided today as Europe was then. The only difference is that the spark required to set off the cataclysm has yet to flame.

 Countries and citizens have often changed governments with much bloodshed and the usual self justifications and it is usually an extended process.  We have recently had a 41 year old demo/socialist zealot admit to murdering a kid with a car which is a terrible example of intolerance by a fanatic. Simple religious zealots lacking inherent morality often commit actions under cover of a cause.  The government media did not deem the act worthy coverage.  If you reversed the situation to a 41 year old MAGA hat runs over blue haired kid, the hysteria would resemble a volcanic eruption. Politicians of both sides would condemn the evil Trump fanatic.  This horrible act emphasizes how great the separation is within our society.

That is the point that is often overlooked by our current political class.  They are the uniparty interested in their purse and are not going to allow any deviation from their stipends.  The great unwashed masses have finally begun to realize this fact.  There is no one looking out for their interests.  Labor union bosses, the Republican party, the government bureaucracy and the corporate banking interests find them only as a source for financial extortion.  As this realization solidifies, thoughts of revenge and change will begin to coalesce across the citizenry.

Joe Bribe’ems Reichstag fire speech in Independence Hall, the birthplace of our freedoms declared millions of Americans enemies of democracy and our country.  Anyone with an IQ over 85  realizes that this country began as a rebellion against tyranny by an out of touch government. HMMM? Todays’ tyranny is much worse than anyone dreamed of in 1775. There is a Ministry of Truth, vaccine passports, no government contracts without shots, a government political police, our KGB or FBI that hits new lows weekly as an arm of the socialists.  The numbers are buttressed by a drugged group of depressive women and children who are easily managed by their betters.  These patients are so propagandized that they are not even aware of it.  At least the old communist citizens understood the situation.

The Puritan zealots of yesterday and today could not, or cannot get along with anyone not ensconced in their religion.  This intolerance has caused dissolution of people, countries and a civilization.

The only way left to bridge this abyss is a bayonet or expulsion.  History apparently does repeat itself.

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