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Another Blue State Conservative Contributor’s Experience With The Jabs

Having read John Green’s article of September 25th in which he shares his experience with getting the “jab,” I thought I’d share my own, and my family’s experiences.

It is well known that the VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database captures very little of the actual adverse effects because doctors do not enter the data.  After I took my 94-year-old mother to get her second Moderna shot in February of 2021, she had vision issues and could no longer read the captions on her television.  She got new glasses, and she thinks her vision may have recovered, somewhat, in the ensuing months. Her doctor told her the vision anomalies were not related to the vaccines.

In June of 2021, I published my second book, Good Boots.  In it, I recount my experiences hiking and backpacking the Western USA’s most epic trails, from the Napali Coast of Kauai to the Teton Crest of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.  Suffice it so say I was once very healthy.  But, in the Spring of 2021, I got the two Pfizer jabs as soon as my age range was allowed to receive them.  By early August, I could no longer hike the four-mile Loch Leven trail at Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  I made it two miles in before I had to tell my long-time friend of many 18-20 mile Sierra day-hikes that I just could not do the switchback segment which ascends to the first of the three lakes.

Just walking my dogs a mile every morning as I’d done for many years, in my hilly neighborhood which fronts the American River Canyon, was leaving me breathless, and I had to stop sometimes in order to recover, and then, finish the walk.  When I shared this news with my doctor last fall, he said that it was normal in one’s sixties to find a decline in one’s abilities to do strenuous exercise.  I have found that, now, I can walk my dogs without the need to stop and catch my breath, but I no longer feel the exhilaration of the early morning exercise along the canyon rim, while looking down at the American River.  

John Rich, on Truth Social, brought something interesting to my attention the other day.  I think it may be relevant to my experience. A doctor presented his findings on slides. They depicted blood cells that turned gray after an MRNA vaccine was introduced into a petrie dish containing the once red blood cells.  This doctor discovered that, as soon as the vaccine blended with the red blood, many of the red blood cells lost their ability to carry oxygen, so their color turned gray.  Oxygenation levels are key to strength and vitality. This doctor believed that if the therapeutics had not been withheld, 600-800,000 Americans could have been saved.  Instead, we were instructed to sequester and not seek medical help until breathing issues were severe.

I chose not to get the boosters, and my mother also chose to skip them.  For me, reading about the inexpensive and safe therapeutics, and/or prophylactics, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, that were withheld from us here in America, and reading studies of their efficacy that were made in other countries, such as India, but withheld from us, in fact, censored, made me wary of what was really afoot with the vaccines and boosters.  It felt more like an exercise in controlling Americans than a legitimate effort to protect Americans.  And, as a retired teacher, when I heard of the school closures, and the recommendations that young children wear masks and get vaccinated, I instinctively knew this was not for their protection, but for the protection of teachers and school staff and administrators, many of whom are aging and overweight, and/or have other health issues.  Logic would have called for these “at risk” adults to assume the at home roles associated with online education, while the younger, healthier teachers remained in the classrooms.

My 35-year-old daughter, who got the shots as well as the boosters, now has fertility issues and is undergoing in vitro procedures to try to produce viable embryos, get one implanted successfully, and have a baby after carrying one to term.  I read recently about a MRNA vaccine study that was performed on 50 pregnant women who volunteered, and 22 miscarried their babies after being vaccinated. That is 44% and represents an alarming statistic, even though the number of study participants was, thankfully, quite low. I hope America’s experiment with MRNA technology in the vaccines using our entire population as guinea pigs, even the young who were not, generally, at risk from COVID, has not robbed her of the joy of having a baby.

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Just like those who choose to believe that the COVID lab leak was an accident, so those who are suffering the consequences now of their choosing to be vaccinated must try to squelch the niggling thoughts that something truly nefarious was executed in 2020, and continued through 2021.  The bigger question is by whom?  Who would think that killing off the elderly, and the infirm, and lowering fertility levels, were good things for the planet?