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LOL: Megan And Harry Embarrassed AGAIN By Royal Family, Demoted To Bottom Of Totem Pole

In another fascinating twist involving royal drama, Prince Harry and Megan Markle were demoted by their family on the official royal website. Previously, links to each of the family members was formulated by line of succession, but now the narcissist duo finds itself only above the disgraced Prince Andrew on the newly-formatted page.

Discussing this hilarious and quite appropriate turn of events, Fox News writes:

In a deliberate and pointed move, the royal family has seemingly ostracized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — demoting them to the bottom of the official royal website alongside the disgraced Prince Andrew.

“The Royal Family” tab on the formal royal website gives visitors the option to learn more about each member of the extended family. With the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, the page was updated to reflect the reign of the new monarch King Charles III.

After Charles comes his wife, the Queen Consort Camilla, followed by the next successor to the monarchy, the Prince of Wales, William and Princess of Wales, Catherine.

The snub comes at the perfect time. As the website needed to be updated to reflect the late Queen’s passing and promote Charles’ ascension from Prince to King, the royal family naturally had an opportunity to once more embarrass and snub the perpetually self-serving couple.

Fox News describes the change in more detail:

In a move that is being perceived as a snub, Prince Harry does not follow his older brother and his wife, but rather the next mentioned is the Earl and Countess of Wessex, better known as Edward and Sophie.

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Edward, the youngest child of the late Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, is not even in the immediate line of succession for the crown. 

After Prince William, the next in line to reign is his eldest son, Prince George, followed by his daughter Princess Charlotte, and youngest child Prince Louis. After Prince Louis, Prince Harry would be given the keys to the kingdom.

No doubt, this move is rankling Megan and Harry – and all the more so because there is nothing they can do about it. If they whine or complain publicly, they will quickly be reminded that they abandoned their positions to ostensibly leave the limelight of royal life. 

Of course, that reason never made sense, because as soon as they fled from Buckingham, they found themselves in the posh L.A. lifestyle and doing exclusive interviews with Oprah, where they went on a rampage describing the royals as nothing more than racist.

We previously reported that upon the Queen’s passing, the royal family also had another opportunity to give Megan and Harry the middle finger. In perhaps an even bigger blow than the order of appearing on the royal website, the children of Harry and Megan – Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, 3 and Lilibet, 1 – did not get to retain the title of His/Her Royal Highness.

Despite the fact that Harry would have known the consequences of his free choice to stop being a working Royal and instead opt for the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle with his wife, Duchess Meghan Markle, insiders say that the couple is “furious” that their children will not get HRH titles.

“Harry and Meghan were worried about the security issue and being prince and princess brings them the right to have certain levels of royal security. There have been a lot of talks over the past week,” a source told The Sun. “But they have been left furious that Archie and Lilibet cannot take the title HRH. That is the agreement – they can be prince and princess but not HRH because they are not working royals.”