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“Couldn’t Even Win Her Own Primary”: AZ Gov. Hopeful Kari Lake DECIMATES Democrat Wannabe Liz Cheney

Kari Lake is being hidden from the public’s eye, and for good reason. Corporate media and the establishment hacks in Washington, D.C. are terrified of what a tough-as-nails conservative governor could do in another crucial swing state, just as DeSantis turned Florida from purple to deep red. 

And she’s female to boot – not that conservatives care but her presence electrifies the woke conversation. It’s hard to be misogynist when you’re cheerleading for Arizona or voting for a female vice president.

Lake has truly been unstoppable. She has gone after Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Media, and even tackled subjects most avoid altogether such as the Epstein cover up and 2020 election narrative. She is smart, bold, and willing to speak honestly to the American public.

For that, the powers that be hate her.

Since her loser, cowardly Democrat opponent refuses to debate her, Lake has had much more time to hit the campaign trail and hold media events. At each stop, some wacko leftist journalist tries cornering her and she immediately pounces. Watch this latest nuke from Lake after a stammering journalist tried asking her about Liz Cheney.

The reporter meekly prompted that “Liz Cheney said that she’s gonna do whatever is in her powers…to stop you from becoming governor” and Lake immediately took the bull by the horns.

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Well, Liz Cheney doesn’t know me, and she couldn’t even win her own primary. The people of Wyoming – [interrupted by laughter]  – the people of Wyoming have turned on her, they’re like ‘get out’, and now she’s looking for a place to go and apparently she wants to come to Arizona and campaign against me.

It’s the best gift ever in politics When Liz Cheney says she doesn’t want you elected, then  you know the people want you elected.

The new Republican Party is the party of we the people. It is the party that will represent the working class. It’s the most inclusive party in all of politics. And we’re going to start working for the people.

And we’re turning our back on politics as usual, career politicians, warmongers, and the people that Liz Cheney associates with. It’s about us, we the people right?

Lake simply knocked it out of the park here. Concise, powerful, truthful – I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this. What separates Lake and DeSantis from others, beyond their actual conservative values, is that they are extremely effective communicators. They pinpoint the problems, they provide actual solutions, and they say things so many of us are thinking and either can’t or won’t.

Lake is dead right saying Liz Cheney is washed up and desperate. How pathetic is it to get kicked out in the primaries and then pretend you still represent the will of the voters by actively campaigning against someone handpicked in another primary process? She’s as foolish as she is ignorant and evil.

Lake then correctly states that the new Republican Party – not Cheney’s version of the Republican Party – represents regular Americans of all backgrounds. Democrats and the corporate media continue to pretend that people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defend the little guy, but not a single average person has benefited from their corrupt regime. Everything costs more, freedoms are being eroded, and war looms in every direction. We are living through a manufactured crisis for the benefit of the elites.

Hopefully Arizona wises up and votes GOP again, unlike 202o when they disastrously gave Biden their electoral votes. Lake will be amazing.

Hailey Sanibel fiercely loves freedom. She equally detests evil and stupidity, both of which are out of control in the modern world. She is a regular contributor at The Blue State Conservative.

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