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Leftist Filmmaker Michael Moore Sees Democrat “Landslide” In November

Michael Moore, the left-wing propagandist film-maker, could not control his excitement
when he appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” on Sept. 23, 2022 because, in contrast to
most of pundits and polls, including some Democrats, he expects a massive “blue wave …
landslide” in the Nov. 2022 elections. Specifically, he thinks the Democrats are going to keep the
House and add 2 to 5 Democrat senators. Moore hasn’t “felt this optimistic” in quite a while.

His reasoning, apart from the fact that he lives in the mid-west, is that, first, he thanks the
Supreme Court for “reminding women that they are … second-class citizens” by overturning of
Roe v. Wade and reminding people that Kansas, a red state, voted earlier this year in favour of
people’s right to choose to have an abortion. Second, he thinks the people are going to rise up in
righteous indignation against “the traitors, especially the 147 Republicans who just hours after
the insurrection voted to not certify the elected president of the United States, Joe Biden, …”

Although it is true that the Republicans might not do as well as some predict, there is no
chance, unless something massive changes, for a Democrat landslide in November. Moore
apparently thinks the American people like inflation the worst in 40 years and the gas price
double what it was when Biden took office, a massive crime surge and homicides under Biden,
with police officers quitting because leftist mayors and DA’s don’t have their back, with
unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens and massive amounts of Fentanyl and other deadly drugs
flooding across the southern border killing Americans while Joe Biden, Karin Jean-Pierre, and
Alejandro Mayorkas, none of whom apparently have functioning eyeballs, insult their
intelligence by telling them the border is secure, with parents finding out that their children are
being indoctrinated with disturbing sexual material and being told they have no role in their
children’s education, some parents even being arrested for complaining about his daughter’s rape
in school in a girls bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt, with 13 dead military people, a hundred
more Americans injured, and people falling to their death from airplanes as they take trying to
escape Afghanistan after Biden’s disastrous pull-out for which he callously and cluelessly
“makes no apology,” with tens of thousands of civilians dead in a Russian war in Ukraine after
Biden carelessly announced that he might not mind if Putin only made a minor incursion, with
China humiliating Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken on US soil, with Russia’s president, for the
first time in a generation, threatening nuclear war, with Joe trying to shake hands with people
who aren’t there, unable to read his teleprompter or not knowing where he is and why he is there,
perhaps with his wife leading him around by the hand like a baby.

Yes of course the voters are going to vote for much more of that. There is nothing more
than the American people love more than watching people set up tent cities in their
neighbourhood, defecate on the sidewalk, and throw their needles on the street as they
contemplate the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea or Russia caused by the buffoons
running our country.

It would seem that Moore is either smoking some very good stuff or he is making his
predictions by reading cracked turtle shells.

In fact, the overturning of Roe vs. Wade did not make women second class citizens in the
United States. Moore does not grasp that his point about people in Kansas voting to protect
abortion rights refutes his claim that SCOTUS’ overturning Roe vs. Wade in “red”
(conservative) Kansas made women second class citizens. For what the Kansas vote shows is
that SCOTUS’ overturning Roe vs. Wade actually reaffirmed a woman’s first class right to vote,
just like men, on their preference for abortion rights. It’s called “democracy”. Since the Left are
always squealing about “saving democracy” they might want actually to try it sometime.

Perhaps if Moore had managed more than a high school degree, he could have figured this out.
In addition, his point about the 147 republican “traitors” who voted not to certify the
election of Joe Biden is equally silly. Unfortunately, Moore did not point out the federal treason
statute that these Republicans allegedly broke. It also seemed to slip what’s left of his mind that
over the years many Democrat members of congress voted not to certify Republican presidential
winners as well. In 2000 a dozen members of the Congressional Black Caucus and a few
supporters tried to block the counting of Florida’s 25 electoral votes, claiming that black voters
had been disenfranchised. In 2004 Sen. Barbara Boxer and Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs objected
to the electoral count for President Bush. As Politico points out, every single time a Republican
has been elected President over the past few decades Democrat House members have objected to
certifying the vote. How could he forget? Comrade Moore did not call for these of his beloved
Democrats to be prosecuted for treason. Moore is obviously not a J.D. or professor of law.

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It is important to remember when one observes people like Moore on television, social
media or print media, especially in election years, effusing optimism and making these kinds of
unsupported points, that they are not there to inform the public about the facts. Moore does not
appear on Bill Maher’s show to inform the viewers. What Moore, and others like him are doing
on these kinds of shows is trying to create a narrative. His exuberant expressions of optimism
and bold predictions of a Democrat landslide are meant to convince the viewers not to trust their
“lying eyes” that see the massive damage to the country caused by Biden and Democrat policies.
Moore is attempting to convince people that there is this great silent majority out that that just
loves Fentanyl coming across the border and homeless camps on the sidewalk their children walk
to school or in the parks where their children play.

Moore has never been particularly interested in the truth. Joe Scarborough (NBCNEWS,
June 26, 2004), describes his reaction to Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11.

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 Thursday expecting to be entertained … I was
wrong.  To say Moore took liberty with the truth would be like saying that Ken Lay took
liberties with Enron's accounting practices.  Fahrenheit 9/11 … obviously figured that
when it came to making money, the end justified the means. … [T]he scale of deceit and
deception is breath-taking [but] I'd need four hours to … list all the falsehoods
One can look forward to checking in with Moore on election night in November to see how well
his predictions fared. Perhaps he will try to replay his 2019 Trump-Russia collusion hoax when,
in fact, it was his beloved Hillary that paid for a Russian dossier to frame Trump and start the
Mueller investigation that did so much damage to our nation.