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Wow: Incredible Video Shows Cop Defending Citizens From Active Shooter [WATCH]

Following the horrific shooting in Uvalde, one during which cops that many called cowardly waited around for over an hour as the shooter did his worst, it was easy to get down on the police. Despite the vast powers given them by the community, the resources funneled their way, and the willingness of many to stand up and defend them from the attacks of the left following the George Floyd situation, they apparently can’t even protect us from a lone mass shooter. That, at least, was the post-Uvalde narrative.

Well, now an incredible, newly released video out of Washington shows a cop (with an internet-famous high-rise Hydra mount for his red dot optic on an AR-15, no less) staying calm, cool, and collected when coming under fire from a mass shooter.

As you can see in the video, which took place in August but was only released now, the cop pulls over, puts down his coffee like Diry Harry, grabs the rifle with the popular optic mount, and takes the 183-yard-long shot to terminate the threat while bracing himself against the police cruiser.

And he did it all while under fire, keeping it cool as a cucumber despite the hot lead flying his way. Plus it was a nearly 200-yard shot with what appears to be an unmagnified red dot, which is impressive enough on its own.

Watch that here:

Another tweet provided more details of the incident, saying:

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This happened in Tacoma WA. The officer plugged the guy from 180+ yards.

Perp was carrying a .300, .223, & .45

Perp fired on other officers earlier. Also broke into a home while fleeing the cops. Homeowner fought him off. Couple minutes later, this officer pulled up & ended it.

A report in KIRO 7 also added more details about the incident and what happened, saying:

Newly released body camera video shows the chaos in the moments before a Tacoma police officer shot and killed an armed man.

The shooting happened nearly a month ago in the 6700 block of South Madison Street in Tacoma.

Peter Tyler Collins was shot and killed during a 16-minute shootout with Tacoma police back on Aug. 28.


The Pierce County Force Investigation Team released the video as part of its ongoing investigation into the shooting. Investigators concluded Collins fired off 15 rounds, while Tacoma police officers returned nine rounds, all of them over a 16-minute period.

The last shot came from a TPD officer, identified as Christopher Munn, who fired his weapon 183 yards away.

Hopefully, the video will restore some of the right’s faith in law enforcement, one of the few net-conservative institutions left in the country as the military grows woker and woker and the other traditional pillars of society look ever crazier. The cops in Uvalde were horrible, and it’s frustrating that so many cops went along with the lockdown nonsense while doing little to stop the George Floyd “mostly peaceful protests.”

But many, particularly local, law enforcement officers are good guys that are brave and on our side.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded Twitter video

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative