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Oof: CNN Reporters Instantly Regrets Asking DeSantis About His Response To Hurricane Ian [VIDEO]

For all of the talk about Ron DeSantis politicizing immigration with his fantastic shuttling of illegals to the supposed sanctuary community of Martha’s Vineyard, there has certainly been a lot of attempted politicization surrounding Hurricane Ian, climate change, and the response from Florida’s primo leftist-brain-melting governor.

Whether it’s CNN’s Don Lemon pretending to know more about weather events than actual NOAA scientists or CNN sending boots to the ground to play “gotcha” with DeSantis, there is simply to end to the desperation from the failing corporate media outlet.

Below, watch as DeSantis calmly and coolly dismembers this pathetic attempt to make him look bad. This is vintage DeSantis, because he immediately hits back with facts and calls out the phoniness of the premise, all while remaining under control. There’s nothing this woman can do except look foolish.

It starts off with the leading question: “Do you stand behind Lee County’s decision to not have that mandatory evacuation until the day before the storm?” Obviously, she thinks she has him trapped; DeSantis misjudged messaging and left people in the wake of the storm, she is calculating.

Not hardly. DeSantis reminds her that even CNN made the same decision to focus elsewhere, noting that they were all tracking the storm in real time and making the best decisions possible at the moment.

He responds: “Well, did you [think the storm would hit Lee County] – where was your industry station when the storm hit? Were you guys in Lee County? No, you were in Tampa. So they were following the weather track.”

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It’s simply a fantastic reply from the governor. It’s precisely why Clay Travis headlined his tweet the way he did, writing:

One of CNN’s reporters came after Ron Desantis over hurricane response. It didn’t go well for her. Here’s the deal, you don’t have to like Desantis’s politics, but how man politicians in our country have his brains & his command of the facts? Almost none.

DeSantis didn’t stop at just pointing out where CNN miscalculated the storms’ path, he went into extreme detail. Again, who else could do this off the cuff and so articulately?

And they had to make decisions based on that. But you know, 72 hours, they weren’t even in the cone. 48 hours, they were on the periphery. So you got to make the decisions, the best you can. I will say, you know, they delivered the message to people, they had shelters open, you know, everybody had adequate opportunity to at least get to a shelter within the county. 

But you know, a lot of the residents did not, did not want to do that. I think for probably for various reasons. Some people just don’t want to leave their home period, their island people, whatever. But I think part of it was so much attention was paid to Tampa, that I think a lot of them probably thought that they wouldn’t get the worst of it. So you know, they, but they did it. 

And I think it’s, it’s easy to second guess them, but they were ready for the whole time and and made that call when when it was justifiable to do so. 

Look, had DeSantis stopped right here he would already have made his point. The so-called journalist could have eaten her humble pie and said “back to you” to whomever was in the studio, but she didn’t. Like a good leftist pawn, she doubled down on ignominious defeat and made a second attempt to call him out for failure.  She said, “[some] other neighboring counties, though, did have mandatory evacuations before Tuesday.” 

Just take the L and move on, sweetheart. Instead of limping away, she asked for more DeSantis, and she got it. The governor continued:

Well, right. But our neighboring I mean, if you look at like, Tuesday morning, they had moved the track down model started showing it going to like Sarasota, you know, so that’s that so so they did that. I was in Sarasota that day with them when they were expanding some of their evacuations. 

You know, Charlotte, I think did the same thing, either Monday night or Tuesday morning. So you know, but don’t forget Sunday, 11am advisory, it was gonna go to Taylor County in North Florida. 

And so, you know, at some point, you got to look to see kind of where this thing is going. So yeah, no, I mean, I think I think that it’s, it’s easy to say in hindsight, we had most of our supply station in the Tampa Bay area. As that track moved, we shifted our response further south as well. 

Now we said there would be impacts for sure. And even when it was going to hit North Florida, it’s such a big storm. There was going to be impacts in south southwest Florida as well. But, the difference between impacts and having the eye go there is much different and for most of Sunday, Monday, and even in the Tuesday it was 100 150 miles away.