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Donald Trump BREAKS INTERNET As New Book Alleges Former President Wanted To Reveal SUPERMAN Logo Underneath Shirt Following Hospital Visit

USA Today published one of the most tantalizing rumors about former president Donald Trump to date, reporting that a new book by the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman suggests the Covid-recovered president wanted to be wheeled out of Walter Reed and do his best Clark Kent impersonation as a sign of his triumph over the virus.

USA Today wrote:

Trump planned to be wheeled out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he went after testing positive for COVID-19 in 2020, before standing up and opening his button-down shirt to reveal the Superman logo, according to Haberman’s book “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America.” Axios reported on Haberman’s book’s coverage of the incident, and the Times initially reported calls made about the appearance in 2020. 

Trump called a campaign aide to purchase the shirts, according to Haberman. The New York Times’ senior political reporter also writes that Trump was inspired by the singer James Brown, who tossed a cape off onstage.

It’s hard to like President Trump more, but if this is true, then my goodness gracious. Trump is the most based president ever; if he had pulled this off it would have been the single greatest troll of all time.

Twitter absolutely erupted at this news.

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This is what they took from us, one user wrote. Other comments were equal parts disappointed that it didn’t happen and exhilarated that it was a possibility.

Sounds like an ULTRA MAGA KING move to me!!

This would have made him so much cooler, thank you for telling me this based information

Say what you want about trump but you can’t say this man wasn’t a showman

This would have been awesome, we know you’re completely fabricating this, but, it would have been

THAT would have been awesome. And I don’t even like the guy. But that would have moved the needle just a little for me.

Many comments also suggested that this is just more fake news about Trump out of the corporate media’s fear of him announcing a run, but in many ways the thought of Trump ripping off his shirt to show a Superman logo only makes him better. The needle wouldn’t move for diehard haters and lovers, but it appears that the middle ground would have appreciated the spectacle for what it was.

In short, if people hated Trump they would hate him for this anyways. If they loved Trump – and even if they found the move off-putting – it’s impossible to think he’d lose votes over it.

Instead of this awesome reveal, Trump opted to remove his mask triumphantly from the White House balcony. The move was skewered by left-wing media as some sort of homage to fascism and downplaying of the Covid threat. Lefties loved their masks so much that it became an easy point of ridicule.

But the Superman move? Ridicule it all you want; it was meant to be facetious. Trump is one of the greatest political showmen ever and this troll would have been designed to melt brains.

I hope this is true and I wish he would have done it. President Trump is one of the greatest presidents not just in our lifetimes but in the history of the United States. In addition to his robust policy decisions, he did an even greater service of exposing the corrupt media and deep state and led to an unprecedented revival of America First attitudes.