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Waving In The Red. But, Why?

The upcoming mid-term elections have the Republicans in the throes of excitement about a red wave. On the other side of the “political spectrum” are the Democrats who are in the throes of excrement (verbal) over the Maga people and their Nazi, Fascist, extremist, far-right-wing—take your pick—storm troopers of January 6, etc. 

The Republicans, the red guys, are already planning a big “Contract for America,” Part II. I don’t know for sure what it’s called (don’t care either) because it’s a typical political ploy. They know the “Swamp,” and worse for them, people like Trump (and DeSantis) also know the Swamp. That is, they (T &D) know it for what it is. So, also, do those wonderful red guys like Graham, McConnell, et al—to the tune of more than half of the Republicans probably. That’s why McConnell and friends hate Trump (and certainly DeSantis too)

That is their real problem, the real conservatives (pitifully few that there are) know them—not the Democrats and their primordial wrinkled-up lard buckets like the Clintons or the sleight-of-hand-get-rich-quick Obamas, or the support groups of “the media” like the clucking clowns of The View or little boy Lemons and company; nor the pretend-republican Republicans.

McConnell would rather have a hot poker stuck in his undercarriage than vote or support Trump or Ron DeSantis regardless of what political comments he may make for Fox News or any other of the many neocon war lovers.   Monster Mitch hates the Maga warriors like Grendel hated Beowulf. And his toadies in the Senate and the Republicans (red guys) in the House will follow along. 

There are not many in The Swamp who do not love the Swamp. 

The Democrats are not concerned about anything other than their current power over peoples’ money—through the inflationary taxing printing press or the direct tax, enforced by the new and powerful army of IRS agents enlisted with said inflationary spending (this untidy mention of these jack-booted thugs may get me audited—but this is what they do, seize and intimidate—Lois the loser may KMA). But old goats like me can be brave.

But it really doesn’t matter much. You can be sure the Maga professional politicians (not the voters) would not stop spending. But even if they should, they would pick it back up at some point when the “red wave rush” had passed. 

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No? Look at their track record. They NEVER HAVE to any extent kept promises. Promises are for voters, not for “keeping.” As long as such monstrous denizens of bullying-power-hungry souls of Washington D.C. exist they will tax, spend and intimidate. Vote all you want but until you vote to repeal the 16th Amendment (and its kissing cousin, the 17th) nothing will change.  Until the voters vote out (it was never voted in legally—The federal Reserve Act be damned) the bastard bureau and bureaucracy called the Federal Reserve (what the hell is federal about it?) no red wave, no “contract with America,” no stupid condescending comments about this being a “constitutional republic” and not a democracy is not going anywhere politically except to hell in a swamp-basket.

Earlier there was a reference to conservatives and the few of them. Maybe this is the reason so few understand now, or ever have, what a federal republic is.

It might be interesting to see what thoughts “we the people” might rekindle from 250 years ago if they realized what a federal republic is. 

It might be problematic (it means puzzling, not stumbling block). But it might make “we the people” take a good look at a couple of other politically rambunctious amendments: The 14th and 15th.  Repeal them. Yes! From a conservative. Not a racist.