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Wyoming Nixes EV Use By State Agencies, “Lot Of Challenges To Running An Electric Vehicle Here”

Countering the climate insanity from California, which recently passed legislation banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles beginning in 2035, the state of Wyoming went in the completely opposite direction. Rather than move away from fossil fuels, the state’s department of transportation is doubling down on their use.

Breitbart opened its report on the Liz Cheney-free red state writing:

The Wyoming Department of Transportation and other state agencies maintain fleets of thousands of vehicles but recently confirmed that no EVs will be added to its fleets anytime soon due to a lack of infrastructure to support electric vehicles, a position that makes a lot of sense as incidents of battery failures and poor mileage continue to mount.

Here’s a rhetorical question: Between California and Wyoming, which state is poised to collapse and which state will be prepared to thrive? 

Already, California has asked drivers not to charge their EVs because of the lack of infrastructure. If they can’t handle current loads, what is their plan to charge millions of more cars in the next decade? 

Wyoming, on the other hand, recognizes the obvious realities and current limitations.

Addressing the latest announcement on their commitment to a gas-powered fleet, Wyoming’s Department of Transportation director Luke Reiner admitted that nothing about pie-in-the-sky ignorance of EVs (which require mined lithium and burned fossil fuels at energy plants for charging, among other idiotic realities) was sustainable.

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“There’s not adequate infrastructure out there for us to accomplish our mission right now with that type of equipment. And so, at the current time, we’re running on gas,” Reiner said. “There’s a lot of challenges to running an electric vehicle here in the state, and especially if your highway department (dependent?), you’re going to have a lot of long stretches of road.”

And if the idea that it requires burning massive amounts of coal to produce the electricity needed to charge a electric vehicle is absurd enough, the inept and corrupt federal government went further in its exercise in futility by denying Wyoming the ability to even begin building out the required infrastructure.

Last week, the state received federal funding to the tune of $26 million for the purpose of building charging stations, among other things. Owing to the fact that many miles of road separate communities and outposts in the least-populated state in the nation, it would stand to reason that charging stations might need to be spaced out quite a ways. 

Instead, the federal government denied the state’s petitions to place charging stations farther than the required fifty mile separation mandate. In short, instead of having some charging stations, now Wyoming will have closer to none. Good work, climatistas.

And it’s not as if Wyoming – or anyone curious about potential clean and alternative fuels – is opposed to moving away from burning gasoline. The Cowboy State Daily attested that WYDOT experimented with a natural gas-powered fleet. 

In 2011, the Wyoming Legislature appropriated $200,000 for the state to test natural gas-powered vehicles. The money funded a natural gas filling station near Rawlins and support to retrofit existing vehicles. 

Jaye Wacker, a spokesperson for the Wyoming Administration and Information Department, said the Wyoming fleet consists of 1,442 vehicles. The state did try out natural gas vehicles, but the program was discontinued.