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LOL: Jill Biden’s Outfits Compared To Upholstered Furniture In Side-By-Side Photos On Hilarious Twitter Thread

A relatively unknown and anonymous Twitter user is causing uproarious laughter on the internet after posting a thread of several side-by-side photographs featuring Jill Biden and various couches. Whereas former FLOTUS Melania Trump was graceful, beautiful, and always wearing classy ensembles, Taco Biden can barely manage to do her best to imitate the Von Trapp children.

Saying this is their new hobby, the user asks us to consider what couch Jill Biden’s latest outfit came from. In no particular order, here are some bizarrely accurate comparisons:

These are all close enough to make us wonder if this is just trolling by the globalists. No one has that bad of fashion sense, right? It’s almost as if they know the Bidens are a complete joke and mocking usn with this visual reminder. “She wears upholstery fabric and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

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Conversely, it doesn’t take a conspiracy theory to figure out how we got here. Jill Biden is daft, stupid, clueless; as such, she will step out in public with the worst dresses possible and actually think she’s pulling something magical off.

Here are a few more:

A regime-kowtowing online magazine, InStyle, attempted to paint Jill Biden’s style as unique and on brand. Somehow, they see this trademark as a positive. It revealed that Jill Biden does indeed do her own thing:

To borrow a Redditism, today I learned that First Lady Jill Biden doesn’t work with a stylist, making her the first sitting FLOTUS in the last three presidential terms to forgo the aid of a fashion expert.

Forget fashion expert, Biden just needs someone whose IQ is above room temperature to find a better style. InStyle continued:

Whereas Obama hired a stylist to dig into designer histories — someone to find the most meaningful and stylish pieces in an effort to elevate emerging American designers and communicate her values — Biden has made the decision to do this herself. This doesn’t appear to be rooted in a deep love of fashion, even if that is the case, but in her desire to maintain as much of her pre-first lady life as possible, from her job to how she chooses to fill her closet. 

The role of the modern first lady is a challenging one to define, especially following a hellish year for the country. With her insistence upon keeping her life as normal as possible, Biden seems to be defining the role of FLOTUS all her own. Rather than transforming into what a first lady ought to be, she simply is.

With everything coming out of the White House these days, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Team Biden would have us gaslit on the supposed style of Jill Biden. We can all see for our own eyes she is a walking disaster, but just as we can all see the stock market is crumbling, inflation is everywhere, and the people in power despise democracy and free speech, they just lie through their teeth on every imaginable topic. InStyle finishes by saying:

As her own stylist, Biden has a tendency to fall back on bigger designer names with the occasional up-and-comer sprinkled throughout her wardrobe. At the inauguration, for example, she put Alexandra O’Neill’s Markarian on the map with a monochromatic ensemble from the young, New York-based designer’s collection. During her husband’s 2020 victory speech, she wore a short-sleeve navy dress embroidered with flowers from Oscar de la Renta, a brand whose namesake designer was a favorite among many first ladies of administrations past.