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Name Of The Game Is Republic. Names Of The Forts Are Honor

Fox & Friends News Sunday (10-9-22) had a segment on the recent decision by the Department of Defense’s Pentagon to change the names of certain military bases. The Defense Department and Pentagon are in my view a bureaucratic morass of cowards and fools that would make The French Revolution’s mob look organized, focused, and generous. 

My opinion is that God did not create a mass of lesser minds on this planet than those occupying– as Paul Harvey once said bout the Pentagon: “That five-sided temple to Mars.”  The Defense Department itself is a maelstrom of bureaucratic money (consequently debt) spending driven by madmen, Washington-swamp-bred. 

But enough blistering of khaki and camouflage scoundrels and their white-shirted wimp charlatans for now. 

To the point. This Fox News segment, of course, had to do with many names of forts being named after Confederate officers who served their homes and state in the non-Civil War (1861-65) fought by those determined to kill for a national government in opposition to the federal republic established in 1787-89.  No? Lincoln himself clamored that men were dying for a “new NATION.” 

But no time here to blister Lincoln’s statist ideals. Yet, a relished topic for another day.

One of the hosts on Fox, Pete Hegseth, a veteran himself, attempted a concerned opinion on the name-changing. He said, “it has nothing to do with defending the confederacy…  it is just confusing to different generations and it is destroying our past.” 

True, Mr, Hegseth, the forts were not named in defense of the Confederacy. They were named in honor of the Confederacy’s honorable men. They were named for honorable men who lived in an honorable country and who sacrificed everything (much like the colonists—their lives, their fortunes, though they always kept their honor). They did not fight in order to chain and beat Negroes or harbor them for “free” labor. 

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They fought for what, today, true conservatives hope is a red wave that will perhaps bring back some outline for rebuilding a federal republic. 

For those whose loyalty lies in the great political parties of today’s “democracy” the one side that is called the blues are mostly crass charlatans, national ideologues, and plutocrats commissioned for the government teat. These are the sort of people who fill the rotted innards of the Defense Department, the Pentagon, and the White House and, as well are Congressional overseers of government “ taken from” the people.

On the other side, the reds are largely an equally sad collection of plutocrats; as professional in their political ministry as Rasputin was in the church. However, a greater number of reds are truly non-professional conservatives who stand for the same principles as those Southern officers who fought for a republic, a federal republic, and now are to have their names taken down and besmirched by bureaucrats who have never shouldered a rifle, stood a guard post nor fired a shot.

If some think I am the only veteran complaining about such iconoclastic claptrap, they are living in a modern public-educated sewage mindset. And it isn’t just boys down south. Remember, it was Yankee (Pennsylvania) John Pemberton who defended Vicksburg to the starving end. All Confederates weren’t Southerners but they were all republicans. Yes, federal-republicans.

Depending on recent polls, 40% of Southerners and 23 % of those polled nationwide support the former often referred “Lost Cause.” This in an age of pervasive public education where the brainwashing of history students is almost formal. Consequently, the numbers above probably are somewhat more than “only a few.” And many people are thinking more about the subject.  

More conservatives now realize that conservatism stands for a republic union– not a national state. People who believe in the “Lost Cause” stand and/or salute The Star-Spangled Banner—not a National Anthem.

A while back Tucker Carlson had a guest, a well-known man by the name of Joey Jones. I believe he has over the past few months become a Fox contributor. 

His life and record are an honor to his family, the South, the United States, and the United States Marine Corps.

Sgt. Jones and I have some things in common. We are both deep South natives. He from Georgia, I from Mississippi.  We both are Americans. And we both served in the USMC. He, however, underwent, in battle, some of the most egregious wounds a man can suffer. He is most worthy of the USMC motto, Semper Fidelis.

I, on the other hand, while proudly served and received an honorable discharge many years ago, never suffered ANY wounds.

During his interview with Mr. Carlson, Sgt Jones carried himself well for his family, The State of Georgia, the United States, and the USMC.

Sgt Jones stated that he proudly serves the Stars and Stripes. He learned as a boy the honor of the Confederacy and its flag, but his allegiance is to the United States and its flag. He has no desire to refight the War Between the States. Nor do I. 

And neither does any other Southerner I know or have known. And that includes a lot of Marines who are or were proud of both flags. 

For many of us who study history, the red wave is a chance for a road back to a republican conservative government authored by “we the people.” If the red side wins but is salient but to the Bush-Cheney-Rove types of pseudo-conservative hucksters; or if the blue guys win by stuffing the ballot boxes again, then I doubt if those old soldiers want their names associated with anything called U.S.A. I wouldn’t.

Besides, if that happened, the forts would be of damn little use. Just large government plantations, homes for the politically correct and the very, very vaccinated.