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An Opportunity To Determine Where Your Congressmen Really Stand

This chance arrives every two or six years.  Anything that is done in Congress requires money!  As we all know there are no Congressmen who write bills for consideration by their fellows.  They are written by lobbyists who are well paid by their clients for the service.  The service also includes reminding the aforementioned group that campaign contributions and other kickbacks only are received by good little boys and girls.

The trading of votes is the usual way bills are passed.  This has become quite evident when the disclosures of insider trading are made.  How do Pelosi, Lyn Graham, McConnell or Grassley make money in DC?  Their salaries do not explain the numbers in their bank accounts.  This has gone on since the early days of the republic but has been ignored unless there was a chance for electoral or personal blowback that might indicate the recipient may have to look for a job.  With 4 weeks left before the job fair opens, it is time to examine where we are in our relationship to our Congress.  

How many readers have seen their representatives protest the illegal incarceration of the DC 1/6 protestors?  Our fifth, sixth and eighth amendments are being currently violated by a DC court on a political basis by holding the protestors without bail for unknown lengths of time.  They are subject to physical and mental abuse.  Where were you on 1/6/21?  I bet the KGB/FBI knows where you weren’t.

The Congress could easily remedy this situation by refusing to vote on any measure until the citizens were released on bail.  This would make the usual wheels sit  up and take notice.  Instead of fattening their own purses, they could for a moment serve their constituents by standing for freedom and the principles of our Constitution.

There are many thousands of voters that read these Madame Defarge articles.  This is a chance for the keyboard commandos to actually act.  Call your Congressman.  Listen to the excuses for not standing up for his constituents.  If it were not so important it would be hilarious.  This simple call will reveal how distant from you your representatives really are.

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.