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Oof: Joe Biden HUMILIATED By Saudi Government As They Slash Oil Production, Ignore Pleas For Cheaper Gas Ahead Of Midterms

In a move nearly identical to what got former president Donald Trump impeached, Joe Biden went from begging Saudi Arabia for more oil to threatening them with repercussions for ostensibly harming Democrats’ chances at the midterm elections. The Saudi government confirmed Joe Biden attempted negotiating with them as part of a quid pro quo to get lower gas prices for the next month.

The New York Post, piggybacking off reporting from the Wall Street Journal, wrote earlier this week that Joe Biden sought to improve Democrats’ outlook in November by asking Saudi Arabia to keep pumping oil until after the elections had ended.

Biden administration officials urged Saudi Arabia to delay production cuts until a few days before the midterm elections, meaning that Americans would not have felt the impact of reduced supplies before casting their ballots, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia viewed the appeals as a cynical attempt to avoid fallout prior to the November elections and refused to do so, according to the WSJ. The Arab kingdom instead pressured its OPEC allies to vote to slash production following the Biden administration’s attempts to delay the cuts.

Saudi Arabia went further than that, releasing a lengthy response to criticisms from the Biden administration that their move was in any nature political. Jack Posobiec shared on Twitter:

BREAKING: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirms Biden attempted to coerce them to postpone oil cuts until after the midterms, announce they have rejected his quid pro quo

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In part, the statement reads: 

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would first like to express its total rejection of these statements that are not based on facts, and which are based on portraying the OPEC+ decision out of it purely economic context. This decision was taken unanimously by all member states of the OPEC+ group.

Not that long ago, partisan hacks like AOC, Nancy Pelosi, and MSNBC’s insufferable Joe Scarborough spoke on record about how cruel and immoral it was that Donald Trump would dare withhold aid to Ukraine in exchange for information on political rival Joe Biden. Again, Posobiec had the scoop:

FLASHBACK: Here is the Left losing their minds claiming Trump threatened to withhold military aid to a foreign country in exchange for a political favor

AOC: “A series of events that looks like extortion, withholding aid to an ally, and then quote-unquote asking for a favor, to essentially benefit yourself politically.”

Nancy Pelosi: “Quid pro quo, bribery. To bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance.”

Joe Scarborough: “The idea that somebody would withhold badly needed weaponry for political reasons at home is beyond the pale.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the Biden administration was talking tough after not getting its quid pro quo (lower gas prices through the election cycle): “I think the president’s been very clear that this is a relationship that we need to continue to re-evaluate, that we need to be willing to revisit,” he said on an interview with CNN. “And certainly in light of the OPEC decision, I think that’s where he is.”

To date, no one within the Biden administration, or any other eco-communist zealot, has ever explained how climate change is improved by the United States cutting domestic production while simultaneously demanding foreign nations to increase theirs. Nor does anyone address how China can build more coal-powered plants than the rest of the world combined in a given year while Americans are expected to stop fueling their vehicles with gasoline.

This charade has gone on long enough. It is clear Joe Biden and Democrats do not care about Americans’ energy independence or our lifestyles made possible by fossil fuels; they only care about it long enough to win votes from an ignorant population before immediately resuming their eco-tyranny.