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The Lust For Absolutism Will Never Die

A new governmental structure has been under construction for 30 years.  As usual the new system is the end all and be all of perfection of humanity. Unfortunately it is a regurgitation of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Communism was found to be to inefficient since the people operating governmental control of industry are inefficient and lazy leading to starvation and dissolution leaving an unfortunate public relations trail behind.

The advantage of the German National Socialist model over the communist one is that it taxes the business community for its’ wants and needs as opposed to operating the system directly.  This allows creativity to flourish for a time and thereby increasing wealth all around before the inevitable confiscation levels appear.  The help can always be extorted for more wealth through the tax system…… until they can’t.

The new International Socialist Workers’ Party is called the WEF and rebrands an old vision of the future instead of remembrance of the tried and true march to the ovens and disaster.  Government control is still very evident which helps allay the insecurities of the academics and other socially ostracized groups.  This still provides the “intellectual expert” curtain for larger programs intended to keep the help and demos in line.  

The usual new slogans, enemies and flags are flying around buttressed by the media employees of the party.  Unfortunately todays’ new monsters created by the party are even more pitiful than usual.  Instead of “jews and Versailles” we have global warming and homosexual rights. Strangely, even the normally pacifist academics have lined up to support the war in Ukraine. This underlines the theory that these people have no principles, they are only able to recite dogma.

The democrat/socialist party has historically been anti- Wall Street and anti-war.  Now the biggest supporters of these policies are on campus and at the feet of the academic foundations and societies.  Mentioning this to students is of course a waste of time as the new generation of intellectuals are unable to name the country next door or the capital of their home state.  Why have their professors done a complete turn regarding the leftist policies of 30 years ago?

The answer is always money.  The first step was creating professorial employment for the art history and feminist studies graduates.   There were not enough girls looking for husbands to fill new student slots in these “disciplines.”  The brilliant idea of lowering standards was vomited forth and voila, the new customers were in line at the admissions office.  I have yet to see a student transfer from journalism school to the physics department.

The other department affected was education.  In the past, the best female students became teachers and provided an excellent platform to young people for the beginning of their lives and the critical societal foundations.  Now the standards are so low that in New York many of the teachers cannot pass a test concerning the same subject matter in which they instruct.  They are easily indoctrinated to the new racist rants that substitute for education.  Where is McGuffey’s Reader when you need it?

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The last area for academics to expand their income level is of course the governmental grant industry. This dangling of the dollar in front of these hypocrites has seen the last vestige of character extracted from them.  It has led to the national and international propagandizing of our population to medical experiments that would make Joseph Mengele blush.  When supplemented by “saving the world “ from drowning from ice melting into the sea, you have a perfect system to control a normally restive citizenry.

The International Socialists eagerly snap these new morons up by the thousands.  The new catechisms are spread far and wide by people too simple to understand their cause and effect.  The finest intellectual response put forth in a debate by one of these foot soldiers is “you are just a hater”!  Wow!  $50,000 in tuition debt for that insight.  Now taxpayers are required to finance this drivel by the WEF Party.  The party has enough control to have infiltrated virtually all levels of society but there is not quite enough power in their hands for the final push to a one party state.  

The MAGA movement has a growing strength that terrifies the socialists.  That is why all the stops have been pulled for the coming two election cycles. The high tide mark  of WEF globalist power has been reached in many countries. They cannot conceive of not being in control. Regression to independence must not be allowed. For the left it is now or never.

The Madame