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“I’m Going To Punch Him Out…And I’m Going To Be Happy”: New Video Shows Nancy Pelosi Tells Staffers She’s Willing To Go To Jail For Assaulting Donald Trump

In a new video being hailed by the left for its depiction of Nancy Pelosi as a defender of freedom and democracy, quite the opposite is actually being revealed. For one, we see her true violent colors; she twice states she wants to punch Donald Trump. This, of course, gets her laudits, but can you imagine if the former president said he wanted to wallop the Speaker? 

For another, the spectacle of January 6th continues to devolve into just that – pure spectacle. So now Pelosi had a camera crew following her that day? Is that normal? Perhaps she has a camera crew following her every day, though I suspect not. Instead, it’s the latest oddity to emerge from various congressional hearings.

Watch below as one of the top Democrats in the nation finds exhilaration at the thought of attacking the then-sitting president and delighting at the possibility of going to jail as a supposed hero:

Staffer: Secret Service said they have dissuaded him [Trump] from coming to Capitol Hill, they told him they don’t have the resources to protect him here. So at the moment he is not coming, but that could change

Pelosi: I hope he comes. I want to punch him out. This is the line – I’ve been waiting for this. For trespassing on the Capitol ground. I’m going to punch him out, and I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.

To be clear, none of this is shocking. This is the same woman who has amassed an immoral fortune through presumed insider knowledge of the stock market. We need not look far back in time to remember her huge financial windfall timed curiously around a trip to Taiwan. This is also the same woman who ripped up then-President Trump’s State of the Union speech live on air.

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This is also the woman who had a film crew tail her on January 6th because…reasons. There is nothing she wouldn’t do if it meant she could consolidate more wealth and power.

Speaking last summer on the House floor to award Medals of Honor to Capitol Police, Pelosi recited the often phraseology used by the left to remember J6. In part, she said:

January 6th was unquestionably one of the darkest days in the history of our democracy, but because of the courage of the Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers will also be etched in history as a day of heroism. That day, the Capitol Police force put themselves between the violence and us. They risked their safety and their lives for others with the utmost selflessness.  

Some died, becoming martyrs for our democracy. And they did so because they were patriots, the type of Americans who heard the call to serve and answered it, putting country above self. They enabled us to return to the Capitol – to the podium that night to show the world that our democracy had prevailed and that it had succeeded because of them.

It has to be pointed out that absolutely no law enforcement officers died that day or ever as a result of the events of January 6th. The grotesque lie and theater surrounding Brian Sicknick has long been forgotten, but Democrats ran with the message he had been bludgeoned by a fire extinguisher before quietly retracting that story in the press.