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The Law Is A Series Of Procedures Enforced With A Gun

There are only Ten Commandments. They are complemented by our God-given rights that have been usurped while we sat and watched from the sidelines. For this we are receiving a quite deserved punishment of watching our children’s’ future dissolve as we continue to observe eating popcorn.

A plan to regain control of our country entails both identifying problems and answers to them. One of the main difficulties is that the energy to address these issues by citizens has proven to be non-existent. Another is that government bribery in various forms to the voters of all income levels has reached a huge proportion of our finances and consequently voting patterns.

Many people have written articles and comments about the horrors existing in our current government but few have suggested programs for their elimination. The following are modest simple ideas that could be implemented by a group similar to the Tea Party crowd of recent memory. The Tea Party was attacked by Rinos and Democrats at the behest of their betters as was Ross Perot in his day. Donald Trump is just the latest hobgoblin created by the help to be brought down by the oligarchs but the ground swell of resistance has been simmering for decades. No one realized how far down the road to peasantry we had traveled until the FBI was outed as a Democrat KGB. It is now obvious for all to see. Will you call your congressman to chat and make him uncomfortable? Probably not because whining is much easier. But the following ideas would certainly BEGIN to pull us from the ditch.

Number one: Line item veto and line item vote

All bills would have each provision voted on separately. Also, each line could be vetoed by the President. This would eliminate the “I had to vote for it because the bill included “helping the children ” excuse. It would also keep these guys busy and off the street instead of shopping their vote to the highest bidding lobbyist.

Number Two: Eliminate concept that the President can commit US troops to nation building without a vote for war by Congress.

The executive action decree that allows this came to the fore under Harry Truman in Korea. It would cause consternation in the State and Defense Departments as well as the rest of the military industrial complex. The whine would commence with “but the President has to react quickly.” My response is “How long would it take you to get from your mistresses’ house to the capital and vote?” This would save our boys’ lives as well as our money. Our empire would no longer expand by force and would have to compete economically or not at all.

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Number Three: Eliminate public employee unions.

This is self explanatory. A 10 year limitation on employment would probably be a good idea as well. The cry “ It would bring back political favoritism” is accurate but it would be much superior to our current disaster of a huge colony of slugs reproducing in DC continually.

Number Four: Reduce Federal spending by 40%

To begin: Eliminate cabinet offices with “non-essential” personnel. This would include Commerce, Labor, Energy, Education, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development and Transportation to start. The Department of Justice would be unnecessary with limited Federal laws and can go down the drain with the FBI, taking the CIA with it.

The US Army consists of 9% of troops carrying a rifle. That leaves 91% shuffling paper which means there is plenty of room for a 40% cut. Social Security could by privatized in a manner similar to Chile. Their system is solvent and sadly ours is not. Health care private associations similar to the current Health Share Systems would save billions compared to the Obamacare disaster. Eliminate Foreign Aid of all types. This would cut down on bribery of Congress as there would be far less money to be “misdirected.”

Number Five: Limit Federal taxes to a sales tax model only. Eliminating deductions of all types and the IRS would be a grand improvement.

This would reduce the ability of Congress to write in special favors to their donors for a nice fee. If more money was needed the citizens would be aware of how much it really costs and determine if it was necessary to raise the percentage of tax as opposed to nest feathering by the DC crowd and their employers.

Number Six: Nullification of Federal law as required by the local citizens.

This idea is currently in operation in many states and counties. Nullification was theoretically eliminated in 1865 but it appears to be available if your leanings are politically correct. The first example is of course illegal aliens not being detained in hundreds of jurisdictions. There is no reason other jurisdictions should not take up this nullification privilege and ignore DC on offensive laws at their leisure. This would quickly return the concept of government to a Federal model, not a tyrannous dictatorship. The shrieks would be deafening.

These ideas are an anathema to the current government of the USA that feeds off of our sweat and will continue on the backs of future generations.

What would your representatives say in response to these ideas? Why not ask?

The Madame