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How Original: Anti-Liberty Leftists Are Accusing President Trump Of Being Hitler Again

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Go figure, the party of projection is going back to their same old tricks because they’re running on fumes at this point.

Do you ever get the feeling that somewhere in the deep, dark reaches of the DNC they have a roulette wheel to determine the next false accusation of the day?  With the segments labeled fascist, racist, Nazi, sexist, terrorist, and so on?

So, when they need to conjure up a new talking point, they give it a good spin to see where it stops and voila, they have their ‘news’ story of the day.  This time, it must have stopped on ‘Trump is Hitler’ because the Bolshie artists at ‘The Bulwark’ the center-right (pause for laughter) news site lead off with a metaphor-straining bit of media:  The Munich Model for Trump’s National Security Extortion, link to the original here.

Apparently, if you negotiate something a certain way, you’re just like Adolph Hitler.  What are the odds that the socialists of the nation’s media would trot out this line of attack?

Not to be outdone, the remora media jumped on board, making sure the metaphor was clear to everyone: Trump is employing Hitler’s ‘Munich model’ as he continues his war with the DOJ, with the ‘Raw story’ link explicitly ending with ‘hitler-trump’ in case there was any doubt. With another cementing the rhetorical connection:  And Merrick Garland Is Neville Chamberlain?

Followed by another from all places ‘Digby’s Hullabaloo’:  Trump’s political extortion, apparently ‘Digby’ isn’t very creative when it comes to Hitler smears.  Thus, if you happen to do things the way Hitler happen to do them, you’re Hitler in their eyes.  There is no end to these comparisons, so this is just a convenient way to smear the man once again.

Desperate Democrats keep on trotting out these kinds of stunts even though Jennifer Rubin tells us that: “Nazi analogies are dangerous.  But they are increasingly relevant today.”

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That hasn’t stopped Will Bunch from comparing the pro-freedom right to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party because Citizens for Sanity is rightfully pointing out the fact that crime is out of control because of the liberticidal left.  Then for good measure, we have this little treasure on the same story: I bet you did Nazi this coming.

All of this because they don’t have anything else to run on.

Their show trial on a 3 hour mostly peaceful protest almost 2 years ago went nowhere.   Screaming abortion every other word only had traction for about 2 months last spring.  So, all they have is attacking President Trump, and now they’re really reaching to come up with even old new material.

The realization must be dawning on them that they have nothing but fumes from $8.00 gasoline. Even their ‘semi-fascist’ hail-Mary flopped, we were all supposed to roll over and beg them not to call us those nasty names.  That was why it was critically important to push back on their big lie and keep on setting the record straight.  Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far-left cannot handle the truth of the matter so they back off when they are called on their lies, and it’s truly glorious.

You can even detect a hint that they know that they are on a losing streak because they’ve started an insidious attack claiming that inflation is going to get worse if the Republicans win.  With the same talking point parroted by ‘president’ Biden the other day, then by Chris Hayes on the Mostly Socialist National Biden Channel with Senator Warren claiming that the GOP is ‘Loud And Clear’ On Plan To Blow Up the Economy If They Hold Congress.

When regarding their newest piece of propaganda, one should always consider the doctrine falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (False in one thing, false in everything), if the liberty denier left, can’t be the least bit honest about who they are or their overall intentions, why should anyone believe anything they say?  Especially when it’s politically convenient to them?

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.