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Former RNC Chair Bashes MAGA Movement As Full of “Lice, Fleas, And Blood-Sucking Ticks” While Appearing On MSNBC

What could go wrong with an establishment RINO appearing on MSNBC? Surely the dialogue would be fair and honest, right?

Michael Steele, the erstwhile chair of the Republican National Convention, set out to further cement his own pathetic legacy and that of MSNBC by thoroughly degrading and disparaging the most pro-freedom movement seen in this country since the Tea Party. Without providing any supportive evidence other than the hackneyed “Orange Man Bad” routine, Steele somehow concluded anyone associated with Trump’s powerhouse movement was beyond terrible for this country.

Apparently what Joe Biden and Democrats are doing is working out just fine for this loser. One thing is for certain: The GOP really knows how to pick them. Not only does Steele not care for MAGA, he ostensible hates them (you, me, and everyone else who loves freedom). Worrisome on a whole different level is the fact you exterminate pests such as “lice, fleas, and blood-sucking ticks.” It is not a leap to see where the entire anti-MAGA, and previously the anti-vax, could easily be headed.

Fox set the scene for the abhorrent analysis of MAGA by the sellout Steele:

On MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” host Nicolle Wallace said current House Minority Leader McCarthy’s “total capitulation” to Donald Trump in the time since the Capitol riot will have “devastating consequences” for the United States if the GOP regains control of Congress.

Wallace, a former George W. Bush communications director, cited a new book in which Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., is described as telling the author a Speaker McCarthy would have to take more aggressive stances toward investigating or punishing President Biden and Democrats and give her more power.

In his own words, here is what Steele had to say about MAGA:

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“Kevin McCarthy has not learned from the history of three prior Republican Speakers of the House who’ve all been thrown out by their Republican caucus. Stop and think about that – what Republicans have done to themselves going back to Newt Gingrich, John Boehner and Paul Ryan, right?”

 So McCarthy is now next in line with a base that is prepared to throw him out should they allow him to be Speaker. I agree with Donna [“Questions for Hillary” Brazille], still not 100% that that’s going to happen.

Kevin has decided to make his bed and is prepared to lie down with the lice, the fleas and the blood-sucking ticks. And whatever befalls him is going to come from that relationship — And unfortunately for the country, we’re going to have to bear the brunt of it.”

Separately, Steele has no problem ditching the Republican label altogether and provide strategic support for Democrats:

And as bad as calling conservatives “blood-sucking ticks” is, Fox reminded readers that Steele has a history of making dangerously absurd claims about anyone who dares to stray from the RINO plantation. Again appearing on MSNBC as the token “Republican,” Steele decided the only way to work with MAGA types was to assume we were all “dangerous” until proven otherwise. Ah yes, tolerance is alive and well among the D.C. Uniparty.

Steele said this after the FBI conducted its unprecedented raid on Donald Trump’s private Mar-A-Lago residence:

“Where else are they gonna go? When have they shown a loyalty to anything other than Donald Trump? Not to the party itself, not to the country, not to its own members of the caucus. I give you Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. That loyalty is only, it’s a one way street. Kevin McCarthy will find that out soon enough. And the reality of it is there is a price to be paid for that and that price is what we see right now,” he said, adding that Trump was not the “animating character” of the party anymore. 

Assume that it’s all dangerous, that they’re all dangerous, until proven otherwise because what else do you have to go on?” 

 I’ll take MAGA any day. MSNBC can keep this lunatic.

Featured image: Screen shot from embedded Twitter link