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The View’s Multi-Millionaire Joy Behar Ridicules Voters As “Sad And Depressing” For Whining About The Economy, Gets CALLED OUT By Co-Host For Ignorance

Another day, another soundbite from The View going into complete ignoramus territory. Instead of Whoopi stepping in it, this time Joy Behar decided to try her hand at sounding even more detached from reality than we already know she is.

As the unbearable women began discussing politics and economics, two enormous subjects almost anyone in the country is more qualified to discuss than them, Behar unleashed a rant so unhinged and off base that even her co-hosts had to reign her in. It was a sight to behold.

Here is Behar discussing the idea that the average American is concerned about the rising cost of living under the despot Joe Biden:

Well, what’s depressing is that the New York Times released a poll today that says that 70% of voters agree that democracy is under threat. But only 7% of voters rank a threat to democracy as a major issue this election cycle. I find that so depressing, I can’t begin to tell you.”

The Republican Party is happy to let corporations never pay another tax the rest of their days, they will cut Social Security, they’re going to cut lunches for children. They are not going to help you, so why would you vote for them? And yet, I see that it’s very close, that people are not understanding what the stakes are. And I find it, I find it sad and depressing.

Yes, Joy, most people that work and raise families are trying to stay afloat and provide. They are seeing how the price of every basic good and commodity has far outpaced that of their income, so suddenly any wealth they thought they had has just vanished. And make no mistake, we are all worried about tyranny under Democrats – as we remember the mandates, lockdowns, anti-scientific, and immoral pandemic responses, not to mention the relabeling of concerned citizens and parents as domestic terrorists – but right now we just want to pay our bills too.

Behar might make an annual salary of $7 million and have a net worth counting in the tens of millions, but we don’t. Then the equally-deluded Sunny Hostin chimed in:

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What I found depressing because, I was riveted to the debates I think they’re so interesting,” Hostin said. “I realized from this morning that something like 10% of voters change their mind based on debates, going into the midterms, you know most people have already decided – two months in, they’ve decided who they’re going to vote for, so it’s almost as if they don’t matter about the policies, they don’t matter what about people have done, they don’t matter, the character doesn’t matter, it just matters which jersey they’re wearing.

Thankfully, if thankfully is even the right word (surprisingly might be better?), a voice of reason emerged to call out the millionaire Behar’s grossly inept interpretation of events. Alyssa Farah Griffin said:

I want to say this respectfully, I worry there might be a blind spot about at this table is the fact that the average American family lost $6,000 in annual wages last year due to inflation. Blame Biden or don’t but there is a reason that Tim Ryan is running in Ohio away from Biden and away from Nancy Pelosi.

I couldn’t identify Farah Griffin if she were the last human on earth, nor do I care to know who she us, but good for her for at least trying to tether her stupid co-hosts to reality.

Naturally, her commendable effort failed spectacularly. Behar immediately pushed back:

When your reporters say, you know, you tell me they’re [voters] worried about gas, they’re worried about this, they’re worried about that, do the reporters follow up and say, ‘Do you think the Republicans will be able to fix these things?’

Some people are simply beyond saving.