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BOOM: Herschel Stuns Critics, DESTROYS Warnock in Epic Debate Smackdown [WATCH]

Herschel Walker is one of those candidates that many have attacked Trump for supporting. He’s probably not the smartest or most conservative guy there is, and his baggage might be close to enough to even make Trump blush.

But, for better or worse, he’s the GOP nominee for Georgia’s Senate seat and so we need him if we’re to boot the radical Rev. Raphael Warnock out of the US Senate and make Georgia closer to being a red state again.

Fortunately for us, Walker did far, far better than pretty much anyone expected during the recent debate he had with Warnock, deflecting shots fired his way by the woke reverend and hitting back hard with some heavy artillery fire of his own.

Hitting Senator Warnock, a pastor, on the topic of abortion, for example, Walker said:

“[Sen. Warnock] told me that black lives matter. And if you think about it, Senator, in Atlanta, Georgia, there’s more black babies that is aborted than anything. So, if black lives matter, why are you not protecting those babies? And instead of aborting those babies, why are you not baptizing those babies?”

Watch that here:

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It was a risky line of attack given the stories circulating about Walker having paid a woman to get an abortion but, given Warnocks weak “clear choice” parry, it seemed to work and make Warnock look even worse.

And in another good moment during the abortion spat, Walker reminded everyone that a baby is there too, as you can watch here:

Similarly, Walker used his support of Trump as a means by which he could criticize the disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

When asked if he’d support a Trump 2024 run, Walker stood by his benefactor loyally and used that loyalty to hit Warnock, sayingPresident Trump is my friend. I won’t leave my allies, which is what Senator Warnock and Joe Biden did in Afghanistan. They left their allies.”

That response will probably have the added benefit of reassuring Republicans that worry Walker will make it to the Senate and then not be a close ally of the MAGA agenda; based on his answer there, it looks like there’s at least a shot of Walker maintaining ranks and fighting for MAGA against the left and RINOs.

Walker was also able to parry one of Warnock’s better attacks on him, as The Blaze reported, saying:

Warnock attacked Walker as well. In an especially dramatic moment, Warnock accused his opponent of having pretended to be a police officer, a statement which prompted cheers from supporters in the audience. Walker then pulled a badge from his pocket to demonstrate an affiliation with law enforcement, a move that debate moderators chastised as against the rules.

Watch that here:

A bit cheesy, but probably the best he could do under the circumstances to reassure voters. Plus, it’s hard for Warnock to push too hard on Walker using the police issue given that Atlanta has turned into a crime cesspool under Democrat (mis)rule.

And so Walker’s performance was far better than expected. Patricia Murphy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) perhaps summed it up the best, saying “That was the most coherent I’ve ever seen Herschel Walker, prepared, aggressive, direct. Some of those answers won’t play well, but no catastrophes, which is saying something.

So the Georgia GOP survived to fight another day, with Walker doing far better than expected and even producing some good clips of him hammering Warnock.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Featured image credit: image screenshot from embedded video posted by “Becker News”

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative