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Constitutional Goblins And The Yankee State

The Constitution is about 7000 words. About as long as a solid political essay. It has seven articles (excluding articles of amendments) and is written in plain English for those who can read. However, to hear the banter back and forth almost nightly on various “news” shows one would think that the origin and scripted thought of it came from the combined minds of Plato, Leonardo DeVinci, Samuel Johnson and Albert Einstein.

And in secret coded formulas that only the great minds can unlock and reveal to the mental peasants.

Of course, for those who can read only with great difficulty, they might have the notion that the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention concluded otherwise.  That is, they should just pass it through for the people as their law so that, as Fancy Nancy said: “We can find out what is in it.”

That would make a great portrait (like Dorian Gray in drag). Nancy Pelosi waddling around among Franklin et al; advising, consenting, babbling inane political homilies, gobbling her high-dollar ice cream.

But it seems to be the way the Constitution is treated today; as a structured essay style like Obama Care.

And one doesn’t need to be a lawyer to read or understand it, any more than when God gave His Ten Commandments, He did not say that Moses should check with a “Constitutional” lawyer. The “Ten” was pretty plain-speaking. 

One can hear at almost any and all times some guest, contributor or host say (often) words to the effect of “I am not a Constitutional scholar, but…” The “but” usually comes these days during the two hot topics of politics these days: impeachment and war. For some reason never is a lawyer of any stripe needed for allowing the spending of billions of dollars simply by “executive order.” 

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It is amazing how many in congress (many, many being lawyers) will admit before the cameras that he/she is not a constitutional authority. WHAT? Damnation! You swore an oath to preserve it AND you don’t know what it means? These same people take taxpayers money without their conscience shamed a bit!

Then, of course, are those minds atop a modern Mt. Olympus who treat the Federalist Papers as if they are the Gospels complementing the Old Testament Philadelphia Torah.  These, of course, are among the barrister beauties who, as well, add the disclaimer that, “I am not a Constitutional lawyer but…”

Not once in all likelihood will one hear one of these Harvard/Yale/Stanford types ever mention the Anti-Federalist Papers; not even as a fact of history. To bring them up is like bringing up the brother-in-law who is kept locked away because he might reveal there is a bastard in the family. To follow the bastard trail through Congress or a guild of lawyers would take the warrior skills of Joshua, in order to survive.

To admit the simple and basic structure of the Constitution in its origination is to be forced to admit what happened in 1865. The end of the Republic. The end of these United States and the start of the empire of the United States.

So, the single Yankee state of the United States (allegedly—and falsely– formed as a single state in 1776) can be the single superpower in the world. And it can be the leader of the free world—whatever that is. And, of course spend trillions and trillions of dollars (allowed by illiterate constitutional lawyers). 

We ain’t part of that “free world,” apparently.

Unless, in two or three weeks a truly CONSERVATIVE “red wave” washes out the bad lawyers and bastards! Gonna take one hell of a wave.