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Mike Pence: Christian, Republican, Conservative (Neo)

Observing a moment on the news today—Fox’s “American Report”. John Roberts, Sandra Smith, (10-19-22)–of President Biden in somewhat of a quasi-speech followed by comments to the press, subsequently there was a brief interview with former VP, Mike Pence by Roberts and Smith. 

It was a bit of a chore to listen to the nonsensical explanation of oil and gasoline prices by Biden. If he knew what he was talking about he did not demonstrate it. If his handlers had plugged him into the teleprompter to read such an explanation, neither did they demonstrate any knowledge of what they wrote for him. Doesn’t matter, the American Petroleum Institute (A.P.I) has to torture itself periodically while chatting with these clueless clucks.

Of course, either the president or his handlers may have gotten their T.V.-presented-explanation from Karine Jean-Pierre. She appears to be the real brains in the current administration; or, at least the highest I, Q. of the bunch. However, she doesn’t chat it up with the A.P.I.  simply because she probably can’t spell A.P.I.

But back to Pence. The oil and price explanation gimmick, after all, was an effort to explain why the president is dipping into the petroleum reserve. Pence’s presence was an effort to give the other side (fair and balanced?) of Bidens’s bubbling, babbling know-nothing explanation regarding oil and gas generally, or economics specifically.  And it was, of course, predictable.  But as Biden’s explanation was economically childish and silly, as well as most current energy problems having been caused by his own administration and its cow-towing to the green energy fools of flat-world Washington, Pence in quick-order response (to John Roberts) was mostly sensible in the truth-in-facts about Biden’s clumsy thoughts on oil and gas.

 But alas, Pence strayed into the neocon clouds. Actually, he probably thinks he lives there with the angels.

 As usual, politicians such as Pence are not much better than the opposition that they fiercely attack when the knowledge of the law, history, or a symbiotic relationship with Washington’s Deep State appears on the horizon. Pence couldn’t stand his success in inspecting Biden. He had to make sure “we the people” knew his back-home-in-Indiana had long since settled within the Deep State of Washington. Never again the Happy Hoosier, now and forever a Warring Washingtonian.

At one point Pence stated (getting ready to unload the real dirt) that he was a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican. Now I will take his word that he is a Christian and I don’t doubt he is a Republican, but a conservative he ain’t. At least not in the Russel Kirk tradition.  

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John Roberts, quoting Kevin McCarthy’s comments to Pence that if there is a red wave on November 8th the United States will no longer be a blank check for Ukraine’s (not ours) war with Russia, Roberts asked Pence how he stood on that subject. Sandra Smith hit the ditto button.

Pence tried to head Roberts and Smith off with a comment that McCarthy probably actually meant that American taxpayer monies to Ukraine would be properly budgeted; not that there was any doubt that the U.S. was obligated. 

Pence, showing his tried, and true, neocon colors paused, for a few seconds, then said: “The United States, IN ALL OF ITS HISTORY has always understood that it must be the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!” 

Amazing. Whether Scoop Jackson is in Heaven or Hell he must be doing the “Neocon pig and jig Dance.”

All of us who have read from enumerable history texts; from books to essays while taking in moments of clarity, or listened to orators of great speeches, must now unlearn what we were taught, or a least we must modify it to fit Mike Pence’s neocon marketing– so styled for the Military Industrial complex. This monstrosity, of course, acts like a board of directors for the neocons and the U.S. Treasury for a large chunk of taxpayer monies; not to mention human sacrifice. 

Conservatives call this last bit: Blood and treasure. Neocons and Democrats call it: Leading the free world.

We must relearn that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson did not, in fact, warn the people to beware of foreign entanglements nor tell them to keep out of foreign affairs. Such allegations must be historical falsities (oh how foolish we have been).

We must relearn that the Monroe Doctrine declaring that Europeans stay east and Americans remain west was false! It was, in fact, a singularly directed statement for Europeans to stay out of the western hemisphere but Americans could do as they wanted, anywhere because they were “leading.” (Again, dolts that we have been).

According to Pence, someone (maybe he meant advisers to Washington, Jefferson, Monroe) declared, that “we the people” must be the leader of the free world! 

Or perhaps Pence meant that the United States’ history of Leader-of-the-free-world began with President Eisenhower’s farewell speech in 1961. But wasn’t that…?

But what the hell could a West Point graduate, Five Star General, President of the U.S., Midwest farm boy know about life? About law? About anything!

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961) | National Archives

 Guess we better change our history lessons again all ye real conservatives.  And who are they?

 Some are Christians. Some are Republicans. None are neocons.