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Ugh: Oprah Goes Down To Georgia, Campaigns Alongside Stacey Abrams In Virtual Event

Oprah Winfrey used to appeal to a wide audience. Not that long ago, a viral video resurfaced of her speaking to mega-millionaire magnate Donald Trump in the late 1980s and it was clear both she and her audience were attracted to the businessman’s charisma. At one point she even asked if he’d run for president, and seems to like his response.

It is impossible to fathom any sort of non-partisan, friendly interaction by Oprah to anyone that isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool leftist. Jimmy Fallon caught flak for ruffling The Donald’s hair in 2016. In other words, don’t let anyone who disagrees with the Regime be perceived as human.

So now, after making her billions of dollars off the positive messaging she came to be known for, Oprah is settling comfortably into her role as a clueless cheerleader for the party of hate, intolerance, and division. What began as her first-ever presidential endorsement when she enthusiastically backed Barack OBama (shocker, right?) has evolved into petty pandering.

Fox News reported that Winfrey sat down for a virtual campaign event with the election-denying Stacey Abrams. It only got worse from there. Here’s how Fox opened its coverage:

Titled “A Thriving Life!”, the event featured a pre-recorded split-screen conversation between the two as they discussed the candidate’s plans for the state ahead of her rematch with incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp. 

Winfrey, 66, also campaigned for Abrams during her first run against Kemp in 2018, which she narrowly lost. 

Abrams, 49, never officially conceded the election, which she claimed was “stolen” from her due to alleged discriminatory election practices and voter suppression.

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Immediately, Abrams and Winfrey entered the realm of the absurd, pretending that a vote for a Republican would enshrine totalitarianism against every oppressed group in America.

“If we don’t elect me, we will have no health care for half a million Georgians,” Abrams said. “Our children will continue to go to underfunded schools where transgender children have been banned from playing with their friends. We will have divisive laws that say that you have to lie to your children about their history. The members of the LGBTQ community will not have protection.”

These are all patently false accusations. But to the reliably uninformed Democrat base, they appeal to their logic-free brains.

Abrams added for good measure that being a woman, which she wouldn’t be able to define, is under attack, saying if Kemp is elected, he would “attack our freedoms, especially if you’re a woman.” 

At this, Winfrey chimed in: “What can we do to help? And the biggest answer is, you vote because too much is at stake not to. I mean, as you’re listing all of this, what will happen if you don’t?”

Winfrey continued with the emotional pleas and grasp of reality of a toddler: “It’s really frightening. I know you’re not the kind of woman who gets frightened. You don’t live in a fear space. But aren’t you deeply concerned that there is this lethargy?”

Yes, it’s so frightening. Brian Kemp might not be the ideal governor, but can anyone honestly say he doesn’t value freedom less than Abrams? He opened up Georgia to incessant fear mongering in 2020, only to be proved overwhelmingly right. If Stacey Abrams is worried about his attack on rights as it pertains to abortion, maybe she should take note of what Candace Owens repeatedly calls out, namely that the most dangerous place for a black person to be in America is a mother’s womb.

Continuing with their meaningless talking points, Winfrey then said Abrams has a “calling to want people to be able to do better, to live better and to thrive in their lives.” Whatever that means.

Fox noted that Brian Kemp has rightly called out this nonsense, particularly seeking and getting attention from the elites.

Kemp has attacked Abrams as “Celebrity Stacey,” saying last month that Abrams is “running her campaign to cater to liberal elites” and not to Georgians.

“While Stacey Abrams continues to solicit the help of out-of-state billionaires,” said Kemp spokesperson Tate Mitchell, “Gov. Kemp will continue to talk to hardworking Georgians about his record of economic success and plan to build a safer, stronger Georgia.”