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Schadenfreude Alert: Leftists Are Losing, They ‘Peaked Too Soon’ And They Have Nothing To Run On

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The tide is turning against the nation’s socialist left, they ‘peaked too soon ahead of the midterms’

Boys and girls, we have a new word for you, it’s schadenfreude, can you say that?

Very good!

It means ‘enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others’ and while that may not sound very nice, in this case, it applies to the Anti-liberty authoritarians of the fascist far left. These are the people who have spent the past few months claiming we were part of the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”, semi-fascists, terrorists, and every other nasty name they could think of.

It was a couple of days ago that it began to dawn on them and they started to worry they peaked too soon ahead of midterms, or said another way ‘We peaked a little early’. Polling showed a massive swing of independent women voters to the GOP.

So now, the national socialist media is bracing itself for the impact of the storm headed their way with this from NY Magazine: A Category 2 or 3 Hurricane Headed Democrats’ Way’

With less than three weeks to go before the midterms, the GOP appears to be gaining momentum, as inflation and the economy dominate voters’ concerns.

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This from the Washington Post: The growing warning signs for Democrats in 2022, and the New York Times: The State of the Midterms, with this as their bottom line:

Democrats are relieved that they do not seem to be headed, at least right now, toward a repeat of the deep losses of 2010. But many have begun expressing a sense of gloom — and have cracked gallows jokes that the party’s uptick would have been better timed for September than July.

Remember, these are from the national socialist media, the propaganda organ for the anti-liberty left, with the trends heading this way for at least the past couple of days.

Schadenfreude, Democrats, schadenfreude

Thank you for all the joy and pain

Save those lies, Democrats, don’t explain

(Sung to the tune of “Danke Schoen”)

What is also really interesting is that it almost seems like some media sources are subliminally constructing their headlines for certain effects, such as this one from Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Upset Alert. (Are they notifying everyone that something extraordinary is taking place or alerting the left that they are going to be upset soon?)

In their key points they note:

  • As we approach Election Day, the basic fundamentals of this midterm may be reasserting themselves, to the benefit of Republicans.That said, there are also a lot of contradictory signs.
  • We are highlighting a number of deep sleeper potential upsets in today’s issue, ranging from Senate races in Iowa and Washington to gubernatorial races in New York and Oklahoma.
  • Most sleeper races will not feature an upset come Election Day, but some may under the right set of circumstances.
  • We are making several rating changes to our Senate, House, and gubernatorial ratings.

Then this dual-meaning headline from the propaganda outfit Politico: Breaking down the GOP’s midterm momentum.

We have fresh data this morning from the new POLITICO-Morning Consult poll that shows the national political landscape shifting more firmly toward the Republican Party.

Twenty days out from Election Day, voters are overwhelmingly focused on the economy and inflation, Republicans are more trusted to handle those issues, and crime beats out abortion as a second-tier issue. In our poll, as in others, the GOP has also gained on the congressional ballot test.

Meanwhile, the liberticidal leftists are flailing about with the usual false charges about fascism: On the one hand, fascism. On the other, hey a new Pottery Barn! Original article link here. Some like to up their big lie by simply claiming they are ‘anti-fascist’, a meaningless term. Try claiming you’re ‘anti-gravity’, jump off a building and see how that goes. It should work out the same. You’ve got to love how they openly contradict themselves with their words:

The only way to truly defeat this authoritarian threat is to crush the Republican Party at the polls and prosecute their criminal leaders.         

So this far-left fascist wants to defeat a supposed ‘authoritarian threat’ by going all authoritarian on their opposition, do those people ever listen to themselves?

So, it would seem the tide is turning, even the liberty-denying Democrats are having to acknowledge that reality. The surge in early voting is somewhat puzzling, it could be that pro-freedom patriots on the right have a lot more enthusiasm than the collectivists of the anti-liberty left, or the latter might be following the dictum of ‘vote early and vote often.’ That’s only an outlier here, compared to the rest of the news, so hopefully, it’s going to be a blowout that will overcome any cheating the liberty-grabber leftists have planned.

Tsunamis are rather interesting phenomena, for one thing, they tend to be undetectable out at sea with only a slight rise in sea level indicating their passage. It’s only when they get close to shore that the wave piles up and becomes so destructive.

It would seem that a Tsunami would be a good metaphor for what is going to happen to the anti-liberty left’s socialist national agenda. So far there have been a few indicators presaging what is going to happen that the nation’s socialist media has dutifully taken to ignore. They were in the denial stage of grief.

But now the signs are becoming distinct, and they can’t hide from the truth any longer. So now they are starting to lash out in anger, blaming others for what they have done.  Projecting their inherent fascism on the pro-freedom right as well as their insanity and other symptoms.

Just remember to try and archive the writings and threats made by the anti-liberty left with the archive. today and the Wayback machine, so when they try to pretend that things didn’t happen, they will be in for a nasty surprise.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.