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Biden and Biden’s America Compared to Trump, and Trump’s American, Part 1

What are all the right words to contrast the America I lived in (and thrived in) under Trump, and what I am feeling and experiencing under Biden.  In just two weeks, American’s will decide if we get more of the same, or if we return, ‘though it may take years to get there, to the economically sound, ‘though socially divided, country I miss so dearly.  In a compare and contrast format, I will describe the decay and degradation I’ve been witness to in America since January 2020, when Biden took office.

Globalism versus Patriotism

Under Biden, we hear we need to be citizens of the world under a new world order.  This is Globalism.  Under Trump, we know we can make America great again.  And we like the America we grew up in and love, that is the envy of the world.  America has been the most economically successful nation this planet has ever known.  Under Trump, the economy hummed along, creating jobs and increasing revenue per household by $5,000.  Biden and his cabal are out to gut America economically under a scheme called the Green New Deal.  An oil-based economy is the enemy for Biden’s ilk.  Each household has lost thousands of dollars under Biden, due to inflation which brings a loss of purchasing power.  The stock market has declined markedly in this past month, and since Biden came into office.  The average retirement portfolio has lost over $34,000 under Biden, approximately a 20% decline.  

America is the nation that spawned Microsoft, Gates and his foundation that aims to eradicate malaria in Africa.  What will happen to the people of the world in the nations that need our help just to have food to eat when America is socialist, or worse, communist, and has no resources to spare?

Dementia versus Acumen

We have all witnessed the decline in Biden’s cognitive abilities, especially when is comes to speaking.  Medical doctors tell us exactly what he is suffering from, and that it is an illness that cannot be cured, nor stalled.  We are warned to expect Biden to fall off a cliff mentally, and need to be removed from office under our 25th Amendment.  Trump, on the other hand, is very sharp.  He can speak for ninety minutes without making a gaffe, and he sees exactly what Biden’s economic plan has wrought on America and it’s middle class.  Because he ran the county like a finely-tuned instrument from 2016 to 2020, we know he is the person to lead us out of the morass that has become our economy.  DeSantis will have to wait his turn, but we have a real winner waiting in the wings for 2028.

Lassitude versus Diligence

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We see Biden taking lots of time off, bike-riding, eating ice cream cones, and keeping a schedule that has one or two events a day that he is to attend.  We’ve seen him nodding off at international meetings. Trump, on the other hand, is known for needing very little sleep.  He is a hard-working, dedicated individual.  He achieved riches through his business acumen that are the envy of many.

Corruption versus Riteousness

Trump has been investigated relentlessly, ever since he announced his candidacy for President.  No charges stick because he is clean as a whistle.  Now, the January 6th Committee is trying to make up charges.  We all know this is just another bogus attempt to sully him because the Democrats know they cannot beat him in 2024.  Biden, on the other hand, has used his son, Hunter, to generate cash for his family.  Hunter has no business being in the positions he has been in, and for which he was paid millions.  His laptop, and Tony Bobulinsky, bear witness to the Biden family corruption.  Our government ignores him, but recently announced it may have enough evidence to charge Hunter with tax evasion and lying on a gun application.  He is guilty of far greater wrongdoing at the bequest of his father.  Large sums of money get given to foreign countries, and Joe Biden knows how to milk the system to take a few crumbs for himself and for his family.

Redistribution versus Hard Work

Biden believes in redistribution of wealth to create a more equitable society.  Just look at the student loan debt forgiveness and the non-means-tested large increase in Social Security for 2023.  Inflation has hurt many in this country, but throwing more money at the problem is not the solution. These are vote buying schemes, implemented and/or announced to coincide with the mid-term elections in November, 2022.  Trump believes in hard work to achieve success, and even wealth.  He removes restrictions in the form of regulations that prevent businesses from thriving and hiring in order to let America work, be productive, and be successful through labor, thus generating tax revenues for the government.

Cowardice versus Clout

Our exit from Afghanistan was a cowardly act.  Biden lied to Americans telling us that the Afghans were well-equipped to fight the Taliban after our prolonged efforts to train them and billions supplied to arm them.  He had a conversation with the Afghan leader, Ghani, which was recorded.  Ghani told Biden that his country was being quickly overrun by the Taliban, and Biden told Ghani that, whatever the truth was, he needed to project a different message.  

We have subjected the world to the threat of renewed terrorism because our exit strategy did not include continued support for the imprisonment of ISIS terrorists.  Thousands of Americans died capturing these terrorists.  They were released by the Afghans with a renewed and fortified hatred of America. What were the Afghans supposed to do?  Let them starve in prison.  With our open border with Mexico, we can expect the worst in the near future.  In France, elderly women in church have been beheaded.  Such mayhem could be in store for us, here in America, as well.

Litigious versus Judicious

Just look at the Unselect Committee, the impeachments, the raid on Mar-A-Lago and the follow-on litigation, and New York’s legal assault on Trump and on his family to see how the Biden regime has unleashed a litigious war on Trump.  The prosecutions of Navarro and Bannon, and on Trump’s attorneys, demonstrate that this wave attempts to catch many leading Trump supporters in its undertow.  

Trump, on the other hand, believes in the Constitution and the rule of law.  The Justices he has appointed are all Constitutionalists as can be seen from the ruling on Roe which held that there is no right to an Abortion in the Constitution (In fact, there is the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), so the states must each pass laws on the matter that fit with the morals and beliefs of their states’ citizens.

Feeble versus Vital

We all were witness to a feeble Biden falling off his bike for no reason other than that he could not get his foot out of the toe clip (or off of the pedal) in time.  We saw him fall three times while attempting to climb up the stairs of Air Force One.  Shortly after taking office, we heard he broke his foot because of his dog, and a mishap with a rug.  We see him attempting to shake hands with nobody and wandering lost, on stages, and even on the grounds of the White House.  We all saw the Easter Bunny guide him away from people he might have spoken with, unscripted. I recall how Trump contracted COVID before the vaccines were available and how resilient he was. His quick recovery amazed people worldwide.

Indoctrination versus Learning

Under Biden, our children have lost over a year of learning, and they are being instructed that their genders are fluid.  They are forced to accept boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, on athletic fields, and in swimming pools. We hear that, at birth, medical doctors “guess” at the gender of the baby that they delivered, and that this gender can later be altered through hormones and surgeries.  We are supposed to accept that cross-dressing and other perversions are normal. California announces that it is a sanctuary state for those under 18 who want to “transition” away from the prison of their natural born anatomy.  

Trump believes in excellence, and in rewarding excellence and hard work.  He tried to open schools when it became clear that COVID did not pose a great risk to the young.  He tried to educate us on the therapeutics that could treat COVID rather than marching us, like sheep, to get vaccinated.

Demonic versus Inspirational

Biden’s speech in September, 2022 with a red backdrop illuminating marines at attention was supposed to frighten us into compliance.  Instead, it exposed Biden and those who staged this event as the demons that they are.  I saw his stage as depicting the Gates of Hell.  Through these gates is where Biden is attempting to lead Americans.  Every weekend, at his rallies, Trump inspires us to keep fighting to win our country back.  He repeats this mesmerizing message to reiterate that all is not lost, and that this country’s greatness lies in her patriots. Without such leadership, it would be easy to fall into despair, seeing all of the damage Biden and his cabal are doing.  Like a great general, Trump uplifts our spirits and strengthens our resolve to undo Biden’s destructive deeds.

Equity versus Achievement

Trump knows that anyone in America can succeed.  It takes hard work and focus, but with a good education, prosperity is attainable for all.  Biden’s pernicious message to Americans is about equity, not equality.  Vice President Harris announced gleefully that Florida’s hurricane would present an opportunity to unequally distribute Federal aid to victims to achieve equity. This is horrifying.  

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is another wealth redistribution scheme as are attempts to raise taxes on “evil” businesses who are profiting from his “kill the oil-based energy industry” measures.  

The world we live in is not an equitable place, and it never will be.  The incentive to achieve wealth drives the American ingenuity engine, which drives the revenues to this nation and its ability to feed the world so those born, inequitably, in places where starvation is the norm, can live.

War, Riots, Looting verses Peace, Community and Domestic Tranquility

Biden’s supporters see rioting, looting, violence against police, and even the innocent, as necessary to change the course of this nation.  Trump sees public safety as a key role of government, and he believes safety is necessary to life, liberty, and happiness.  The duplicity of Biden’s people, who hire personal security, build fences, and even walls, around their mansions(and our Capitol, on January 6th 2021) but deny funding to law enforcement is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Wokeness versus Tradition

Biden supporters see an achievement driven society as wrong because not all make it to the top.  “Wokeness” is the term that describes a basic worldview that America is evil unless it rights the wrong of supporting equality over equity.  Socialism, and, God forbid, communism, sap the energy and lifeblood out of societies, leaving people as shells of their former free selves. No red-blooded American wants to exchange their achievement-oriented life into one of abject equity where individuals own nothing and are happy about it.  Just ask the Cubans.

Inflation versus Wealth

Biden’s economic advisers appear blinded by idealism in their desire to save the Earth.  To blind their constituents, they are even willing to redefine the word recession. During the height of the Pandemic shutdowns in 2020, cars were not driven, and planes did not fly.  Across the world, the shutdown was honored.  And what were the scientific measurements like as to the impact this had on global temperatures, or sea levels?  I’ve looked, and I find some satellite images showing less pollution visible in major cities, but I cannot find anything on how the shutdowns affected temperatures, sea levels, or climate.  What does this tell you about “going green,” and how it will bear on climate, temperatures, and ocean levels.

Inflation has destroyed trillions in wealth of Americans held in 401k accounts, and it has reduced purchasing power by $5,000 per year per family.  Under Trump, Americans grew wealthier.  Their retirement savings surged, while their incomes rose, not from government handouts, but from their employers doing well and needing to hire more workers.  Inflation was low, well below 2%, and gas prices were very affordable, even in California where I live.

Dominion versus Freedom

To address the notion of dominion over freedom, one need look no further than Biden’s September 2022 address to the nation wherein we saw what “dominion” looks like.  In fact, the voting systems company we were all horrified by in November 2020 was named Dominion.  It is dominance through power, not through earned respect.  

In America, in my lifetime, we have been free to pursue our dreams and to elect the leaders we believe will steer the nation judiciously.  The year 2020 was the year that we learned that there were evil players in many states, including Governors, and Secretaries of State, who would illegally conduct elections, ignoring their own laws, to gain their ends and remove Trump from office.  We learned that elections can be corrupted, and that national emergencies presented the backdrop for executing plans to thwart the integrity of the voting process.

Diversity versus Competence

Diversity is a good thing, but it is not, in and of itself, greatness.  For that, competence is necessary.  Liberals in America are trying to eliminate competence from success.  Math answers are no longer right or wrong, but can be something in-between.  English is no longer grammatically correct, but the vernacular is okay, as are strange, personally selected pronouns that make language incomprehensible.  SATs are no longer required for college admissions, but subjective grades bestowed by “Woke” teachers are enough to decide who gets into the best universities. These policies against testing because excellence is no longer deemed necessary to achieve the most lucrative professions will lead to death and destruction.

Regulation versus Capitalism

Capitalism is the economic system that produces wealth for the many.  Regulations are the government’s means to control capitalism, throttling it back in an effort to protect people and the planet.  Trump rolled back regulations on businesses. A symbiotic relationship with constant push and pull existed in America under Trump. 

When Biden came into office, he immediately disrupted the most important sector in the American economy, and in world economies.  OPEC nations, and Russia, Canada, and American oil producers, are temporarily reaping the rewards of Biden’s ill-planned attack on traditional energy which, to his chagrin, has increased prices of goods, including food, and hurt Americans while enriching companies and countries that produce oil.  Biden has provided incentives to hostile countries and to our oil producers to “get it while you can” when it comes to revenue from oil.  Unfortunately, the result of high oil prices will be a very cold winter that may kill many elderly people who cannot afford to heat their homes.  This is especially true in Europe where dependence on Russia is extreme and irreversible in the short term.

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for Part 2.