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Candace and Kanye Make a Fashion Statement

Candace Owens has a new documentary about BLM – called The Greatest Lie Ever Sold. Now she just needs to get people to pay attention, and she needs to do it on a limited advertising budget. Her solution was both elegant and inexpensive. She teamed up with Ye – the artist formerly known as Kanye West – and they strutted around at Paris fashion week wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts. Problem solved. About a nanosecond after the first picture was snapped, the whole coastal world was outraged about she and Ye. And just like that, voila – Twitter erupted like Nancy Pelosi after a Trump tweet.

One Twitter twit, known as Watching the Throne, tweeted that

Seeing Ye and Candace in that shirt hurts my soul.

I call b*llsh*t. Leftists have no soul.

Another twit who goes by WTT was equally offended that Candace was even present (regardless of what she wore). He/she/xe called her

Someone who is so politically destructive and reprehensible

Candace wasn’t even sporting her horns or “mark of the beast” tat at the show. Clearly WTT got the semi-fascism memo.

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Kinglioncrown became the king twit by tweeting that

Kanye West are (sic) WS (white supremacist) in Black Face.

Wait a minute – I must have missed the memo. Black face is a bad thing again? Has anyone notified Ralph Northam or Joy Behar that their cancellation notices are on the way? Does this rule change apply to Canada as well? If so, “Boy Wonder” Trudeau has some ‘splainin to do.

But twitter twit Consequence topped them all with this one:

Kanye West continues his long slide into fascism by wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt.

Because nothing says “coexist” like saying the lives of a whole race of people don’t matter if they happen to be melanin challenged. Clearly Consequence would prefer that all whites be eliminated – to fight racism. That logic holds up … doesn’t it?

Candace accomplished her mission. But what was in it for Ye? In recent years Mr. “Formerly Known As” has formed some rather strong political opinions. But what statement was he actually trying to make?

Surely he wasn’t mocking BLM. I mean, President Gremlin assures us that all blacks think alike – right? Doing anything but issuing praise (and sending money) to BLM seems a bit out of the mainstream of approved leftist groupthink. It couldn’t be that.

Was he showing gratitude to white liberals for wearing BLM t-shirts? It would be a fun way to let them know that he’s one black billionaire that appreciates their efforts to make him a black billionaire. Obviously he couldn’t have done it on his own. That would invalidate the leftist narrative as well.

Some of Ye’s Ts (I like the sound of that) were emblazoned with an image of the Pope. I’m not sure if that means he was making a pro-life or an anti-climate change statement. There’s no word yet on a Church decision to file a trademark infringement suit. The Pope will probably let it slide unless Mark Houck starts wearing one of Ye’s Ts to his court appearances.

Is it possible that Candace and Ye were actually paid federal informants – posing as a pair of those elusive black “white supremacists”? Most of the MAGA insurrectionists have gotten smart enough to limit their red hat wearing to night-time, torch lit, and secret ceremonies. Maybe this was a shrewd law enforcement tactic to elicit a fist bump or two from MAGA semi-fascist extremists. Merrick Garland could then authorize the arrest of the fist bumpers for the hate crime of assaulting blacks – with their fists! However if it was an FBI plot, it was poorly conceived. No MAGA knuckle dragger would be caught dead in Paris. It’s known for wine, not beer. They should have tried the scheme in Texas.

But after thinking about it, I remembered that Ye is a fashion designer. The whole thing was probably just a ploy to sell overpriced apparel to an underserved market niche. Just think of the number of teenagers who will buy his Ts for no other reason than to give the metaphorical middle finger to their parents, teachers, and any CNN reporters in the area. With the overturning of Roe v Wade, they are a large and growing market segment.

I hear Ye has plans for New York fashion week as well. He’s rolling out a “Let’s Go Brandon” hoody with an image of the village idiot on it. Rumor has it that Ann Coulter will accompany him. His target market segment will be anyone disturbed by fools holding elected office. Just think about how large – and growing – that market is.

This article was first published by the American Free News Network.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker,American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative.  His work has been featured on The Dan Bongino Show, World View Weekend Broadcast with Brannon House, and Steel on Steel with John Loeffler. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at