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Biden and Biden’s America Compared to Trump, and Trump’s American, Part 2

Edit0r’s note: This is the second and concluding part of series that compared the Trump and Biden presidencies. For Part 1, click HERE.

Tax and Spend versus Invest and Build

So what is the Biden administration’s response to the high profits being reaped by our oil producers because of the spike in prices he caused?  Tax the “excess profits” and condemn the corporations who are making money.  Trump was building up American oil production by providing an attractive environment in which to invest in exploration and access to capital for production. He made the U.S.A. energy independent in that we were producing as much as we were consuming.  Had Biden not put the kibosh on oil, America could have helped in Europe this winter by delivering oil that Russia cut off via the Nordstream pipeline.  Biden’s policies have put Russia in a powerful position in the prosecution of its war with Ukraine.

Ineffective versus Successful

Hannity wrote a book shortly after Trump’s first term ended.  In it, he articulated the hundreds of achievements of Trump’s administration, including the most elusive, Middle East peace accords with Israel. Suffice it to say that Biden’s political alchemy has turned Trump’s gold into lead.  Even Obama said of Biden, don’t underestimate his ability to screw things up.

Plagiarism versus Honesty

In his 20’s, Biden had to drop out of an election when it was revealed that he was a plagiarist, a liar, presenting others words as if they were his own.  His blatant lie about the Afghan Army’s ability to defend the country after the American withdrawal is his most shameful act to date.

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Trump is forthright.  The best evidence is that the constant attacks against him have produced no results. New York’s corrupt Attorney General says he may have overvalued some real estate to get better terms on a loan. Someone said he must be the cleanest businessman that ever lived, given the millions of our government’s money that has been spent to try to sully him, and make it impossible for him, first to govern, and now, to run again in 2024.

Dismantle, Pillage versus Build and Safeguard

Biden spent much of his time in his first days in office dismantling everything Trump had done to make America safe and prosperous.  He stopped construction on Trump’s wall, leaving gaping holes through which he previously advised illegal immigrants to “surge,” while campaigning to become the Democratic candidate for President.  He canceled the Keystone pipeline, making Canadians and Americans suffer the loss of jobs and revenues it would have produced.

His mounting debt will pillage the future of this nation by diverting hundreds of billions more to pay interest rather than meet the needs of Americans.  In contrast, Trump’s focus on energy independence safeguarded Americans from the whims of OPEC nations who are threatened by “going green” in the western world and what it means for these countries’ economic futures.  Trump was, and is, a builder. He listened to the Border Patrol in specifying how high, and out of what materials the border wall would be built.

Idealism versus Pragmatism

It is a leap of faith to believe that people are changing the climate due to driving gas-powered vehicles, flying jet-fuel powered planes, driving diesel-powered trucks, and using LNG and heating oil to heat their homes.  Recently, Trump stated that climatologists believe “going green” will stop the ocean levels rising some small fraction of an inch over about a hundred years.  Meanwhile, we transfer trillions to hostile nations, including Russia, who uses the windfall from oil revenues to attack the Ukraine.

A pragmatic solution to the evolving climate, that has always been evolving, is to build smarter and better.  A local radio commentator in Sacramento calls this phenomenon “adaptation.” The immediate effects of “going green” have been rising oil prices, rising gasoline and diesel prices, rising heating oil and LNG prices, rising food prices, increasing consumer debt, decreasing purchasing power, increasing interest rates, stalling of the housing market, and the list of negative effects goes on and on.  These negative effects are felt worldwide, and political tumult in Italy and England have resulted, with more worldwide upheaval sure to come.

Failing versus Thriving

Our economy is not strong as Biden claims it is.  It is in upheaval. It is on the brink of something bad. Strong jobs numbers do not a recession tame.  With prices so high for everything needed to live, it is no wonder people are returning to work or taking a second job.  I have been managing a rental property for two months, and I see, first hand, that our inflation is causing households to become multi-generational, with seniors that can no longer afford to pay rent moving in with children, and grandchildren.  These are not signs of a thriving economy but of one that is faltering, before failing.

Racism versus Egalitarianism

The solution to past racism is not present racism. Period. Giving everyone the same chance at the American Dream is what Trump is about.  Giving handouts to those who choose to become dependents, or worse, criminals, is what Biden is about. At present, Biden’s giveaways have reached a breakneck pace, and he is ignoring the Constitution in grasping for more money to throw at potential Democrat voters in the form of student loan forgiveness.

Debauchery versus Family

Biden’s history of hair sniffing is well documented.  His daughter claims a Biden showered with her well beyond the age it might have been appropriate.  Hunter’s history with prostitutes is evident on the images stored on his laptop.  He fathered a daughter that has never been acknowledged as a Biden by the rest of the clan.  These things are sleazy.  Trump’s family has escaped these acts of debauchery.  The Attorney General of New York is after the Trump family, but has not succeeded in bringing them down so far.

Dole versus Earn

Giveaways have been Biden’s goal since his inauguration.  Tens of thousands of dollars went out to businesses and individuals impacted by the pandemic.  Some of this money was sorely needed, but much was not.  Throwing so much money at the economy while keeping things shut down caused inflation because too many dollars were chasing too few goods.

In Trump’s economy, people worked, got pay raises given by successful employers, and bought things, saved, and invested.  Trump’s Americans earned their way.  I was thinking about the theme song to All In The Family, a successful comedy of the 1970’s.  Trump’s America “Didn’t need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight.  Those were the days.”

Gaffe Prone versus Perspicacious

Biden often devolves into gibberish.  He cannot formulate words, sometimes, and he speaks nonsense.  It is an old age thing that is ignored, and forgiven, generally, but not in someone who is President.  It is dangerous to have him out in public for ambitious world leaders to see, judge, and plan their responses.  Putin sized Biden up and attacked Ukraine.  Xi, in China, covets “reunification” with Taiwan and is very likely to execute a plan to achieve his ends given the caliber of the American President and his advisors.  Soon after Biden took office, we saw hundreds of missiles rain down on Israel.

Entitled, Coddled versus Persecuted, Herculean

Biden spent his entire career in politics.  After being selected to be the Vice President of the first black candidate who was “clean,” according to Biden, he was nominated as the candidate for President of the United States of America.  He beat out others who were more capable, but brought more contraversy.  Americans were lead to believe he would unify the country, and be a calming influence, after the “divisive” Trump years.  Boy were we duped.  Trump endures persecution that would render another, less resilient person, incapable of functioning.  He is asked, How do you take it?  He is a rock.  He knows who he is.  He will never give up or give in.  He is always right.  And we are with him.

Basement versus Penthouse

This image is so fitting for comparing Biden to Trump.  The feeble Biden stayed in the basement during the run-up to the election, cowering from COVID, and hiding his dementia from the voters.  Trump, in contrast, was campaigning and speaking to tens of thousands everywhere he went.  He contracted COVID prior to the election and recovered quickly, showing the world that we need not be so fearful. He was vilified for speaking about therapeutics when the Fauci fanatics wanted us all to get vaccines and boosters and so guarantee their future royalties from Big Pharma.

Abysmal versus Stellar

Under Biden, it feels as though the country, and the world, is falling into an abyss.  Biden’s administration has been abysmal.  The world is at war.  Hostile players are rising up to take the spoils. Trump’s performance was stellar, and it will be again.  Mount Rushmore’s sky will light up with spectacular fireworks when Trump gets reelected.

Compliance versus Choice

America was a free nation until Biden got elected(Well, sort of elected).  Never before were Americans fired for taking control of their health care decisions.  Never before were protesters imprisoned, held without bail, and put in solitary confinement as torture. Now another freedom is gone, or available to the rich only.  That is the freedom to travel to the sea or to the mountains on a whim, just to enjoy the beauty of planet Earth.  This freedom will return when the abject failure of the “Green New Deal” is fully exposed, and Americans can move about as before, to see friends and relatives, and explore the land in gas-powered cars with abundant and cheap fuel produced in the U.S.A.

Dishonorable versus Admired

Biden and his cabal lie without remorse. Men can be women and bear children. Ghani will keep Afghanistan free, defeating the Taliban. Our border is secure. Our economy is strong as Hell.

Trump is honest, always.  He has told us there may be a tipping point from which we cannot recover, economically, if Biden continues to allow millions of migrants to enter the country illegally, reaping the rewards Biden provides…education, healthcare, housing, a path to citizenship.  We expect the road ahead to be rough, but the freedom to be an American, and for our children to live the lives we have lived in this prosperous nation, drives us to oust the interlopers.

Puppet versus Leader

Who is calling the shots in America?  Is it Obama who said in an interview that he would like someone else to take the stage while he planned the moves.  I believe it was Psaki who slipped up and said she was proud to have been Press Secretary under “Obiden.”  We all saw everyone at the White House flock to the side of Obama, fawning over him, and ignoring Biden, leaving him meandering aimlessly, hoping to find someone who wanted to talk to him.

Lost versus Self-Directed, Adroit

Biden belongs at home with Jill, living his dotage, licking his ice cream cones, and sniffing his admirers.  Trump will lead us again and we will prosper as a result.

Angry versus Determined

Biden has become more strident as the criticism mounts because of his failed Presidency.  Trump is as determined as ever, to fix the nations problems, keeping spirits high in the meantime through his inspirational speeches at well-attended rallies across the country.