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Days Of Future Past

There is an interesting book about the Third Infantry Brigade in WW2.  The Marne men received more Medals of Honor than any other brigade in the war.  The men were basically all farm boys from poor or broken homes with few prospects, but when the call came they stepped up and were remembered for their struggles for many decades.  To our eternal shame we have now forgotten them, their sacrifices and what they believed they were sacrificing themselves for.

The epitome of disgusting struck me when I first saw the picture of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of the war.  He was awarded every available medal that our country can bestow on a hero.  He fought from North Africa to Anzio to Operation Dragoon and all the way into Germany.  Then I remembered the pictures of our General Milly, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and Lloyd Austen Secretary of Defense.  They have more medals than Audie Murphy! They have never heard a shot fired in anger! Their medals were received for defending the water cooler and the file room from the cleaning staff.  It is revolting!!

The values of our country that matter were represented by these fine young men.  Their spirit created an environment that released the creativity of the population after the war that had lain dormant in the Depression while struggling under the rule of the “intellectual elite.”  The miasma of corruption and perversion that has continually grown since is the result of the seventy years of wealth creation which has left us vulnerable to the greatest enemy of all, our own indolence.

Innocent belief that our government operates for the good created the beginnings of the rot that has engulfed us.  The years after the war were spent in working very hard to assure that we did not slip back into the economic Depression created by the Federal Reserve Bank while also paying for the rebuilding of the world.  There was no time after a hard days work to supervise the mushrooming governmental bureaucracy that was absorbing not only our hard earned money but also our Constitutional rights.

The type of individual that enters politics for a career is not someone who would be welcome at my grandmothers dinner table.  They now rule.  The only democrat ex-president who was financially honest was Truman.  He was so honest a pension was created for him so that he would have enough money to survive.  The only  other honest ex’s are Reagan and Trump. The rest used politics to scam money into their purses. We suffer accordingly. 

In two weeks we have an election that will give us an idea of the state of our country for the next generation.  The “red wave” school believes that a tremendous surge of evil “extreme” right wingers could win power and toss the socialist clowns out.  It may happen but as always there is another game afoot.  In our one party state of corruption, it is who you owe favors to that is important.  This is how money and control are divvied up in reelection funding.  Systemic control is on the ballot as never before.  Rino Republicans are donating money not only to democrats but also to defeat conservative outsiders supposedly in their own Republican party. Uniparty fear is palpable. This is a possible revolutionary moment in history. A new political governmental revolution occurs rarely.  If there are enough MAGA representatives elected the old toads may be squashed, papers declassified, money taps turned off or diverted and a systemic uniparty collapse would follow.  Freedom from tyranny would be possible.

This would give us the opportunity to reclaim the dreams and innocence of the WW2 generation of truly selfless defenders of freedom instead of feeding the slugs in the Pentagon and the rest of DC. 

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.