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The Unreconciled Reconciliation–and Remember 1994: Part I

The excitement for Republicans of the November 8 forecast of a “red wave,” is building, itself, like a wave. A great wave at the surface, in plain sight, like the familiar tidal wave; not as much like the less familiar (in forming) tsunami.  That is that the excitement is building as its own wave. Whether or not the predicted voting wave is mere “hope” or a truly accurate analysis of political “science” (hot air always rises, then dissipates) is to be learned post-November 8.  

My guess, for what it is worth—I’m of the Will Rogers science: “All I know is what I read in the papers”—is there will be a sizeable Republican turnover in political offices in congress, statehouses and whatever government offices are scattered about in the (once federal) national land.

For an analogy to this anticipated event, those who are old enough to remember might remember the election in 1994 and the massive Republican gains. For those of that age, and are still around, they certainly remember that it (election 1994) stood out, as an election, like the Alamo in 1836 (“Remember the Alamo”) or the attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941(“Remember Pearl Harbor”).  Now, in 2022, an appropriate “Remember…” might be “Remember 1994.”              

Sure, sure the midterm elections almost always show gains for the “out-party.” But 1994 held forth the great Republican Party’s promise to fulfill its “Contract with America.” However, this contract did NOT accomplish the much wanted (for we the people) numerous popular items: Term Limits, balancing the budget…blah, blah. The contract for the Republicans, the party of the first part, was simply a promise to at least bring them (again, there were several items) to the floor of the House.  All items were, in fact, brought to the floor, but, of course, for the most part, were never passed, or even voted on. We the people, the party of the second part, were, in return, to keep voting for them in the future. 

However, the Democrats AND the Republicans (Lincoln worshiper types) continued building onto their bastion of bureaucracy in Washington which continued its larceny and corruption of the public treasury and the so-called “shining city on the hill,” now a city of grand sodomy as well as racism taunts for political profit. 

The Republicans, at least their leadership, are (and have been since the first Republicans of the 1850s) masters of mendacity.  More on this later (most Republican lying is about the “Republican” beginnings).

The modern Democrats are very much honest— the entire mob. They honestly admit to immorality and reprobation. NO? They are quite open and honest about supporting sodomy, pedophilia, abortion on demand– like the Aztecs—Elizabeth Warren heirship(?)– false imprisonment, national police-state animalistic behavior (YOUR F.B.I.!). They honestly want your vote and your money and honestly don’t give a crap about your well-being.

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This hoped-for red wave and its excitement, as a defense, seems to be in response to the Democrat Party and its– and there is no other way to classify this party but, DEGENERATE– structure and strategy for political socialism and national hard-core communism. To explain, for those who are public school and university educated of the American landscape, Socialism = Government control; Communism= Government ownership.  Actually, the two are kissing cousins if not at least twins.  But, then what does it matter if your food is laced with strychnine or arsenic? You still end up in the cyclonic spiral headed for your septic tank.

Sadly, a large number of those sympathetic to, as well as hopefully riding this wave to election day (now election days and days and days), see themselves (and probably are) as conservatives. But, they are aligned with Republicans, and sadly believe they are, in fact, aligned with (r)epublicans.

The great reconciliation in the late 19th century was supposedly between the North and South. But is now treated to the dogmatic and false teachings by pseudo-conservatives of the ilk of 1850s Republicans, who were not anti-slavery, but in fact anti-black. They wanted blacks to live nowhere outside the South unless repatriated to Africa (which was greatly attempted by the Republicans). 

The so-called free states prior to the 13th Amendment were intended as free from Negroes, not free of slavery. Most of those states prohibited, by state law, freed slaves from moving there, and if they did they were punished (including Lincoln’s state of Illinois). 

If slaves were allowed into the territories what would happen if they were freed? Blacks (Negroes) roaming free outside the South! Republicans cared no more for blacks, free or bond, in 1862 (The Emancipation Proclamation was a war measure for those who will read) than Democrats care about blacks today (they are simply votes to count on). 

Republicans were born in such deception and they still present a host of storied feints about “freedom” and “equality.”

For those conservative Republicans who indeed are red-wave soldiers, perhaps a reading of H.L. Menken’s deleterious review of Lincoln’s holy grail, the Gettysburg Address should be “addressed.”

To be sure the Democrats have more than the lion’s share of the same claptrap. But then the Democrats are honest. They are like Adam’s speaking to God: “SHE made me do it.”

What does this mean to the hopes of a wave (red)? It means that as reprehensible as the Democrats are, and as much as Republicans lie, there is supposedly a home for conservatives despite the rascals like McConnell, Romney, Graham, Murkowski, ad nauseum in the Republican party.  But unless there is an understanding of these McConnell et al professionals and perennial Republicans—that is, what they are, conservatives will be undercut and lied to.  

And some (hopefully many) of us recall what happened to the contract with America. Remember 1994.