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Republicans Need To Slow Their Impeachment Roll

Numerous Republicans have already written articles of impeachment for Joe Biden and the criminal enterprise he calls his cabinet. Heck, Marjorie Taylor Green (R-SWAT Bait) has written 5 of them herself – bless her MAGA heart.

Now minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Homeless Sanctuary) has taken a stand. He says that when Republicans retake the House next year – and they will – they will not pursue the impeachment of Joe Biden or members of his administration. Conservatives immediately erupted with outrage. I get the lust for payback, and Democrats have certainly earned a healthy dose of righteous retribution. But everybody needs to take a breath and cool their jets. Just remember, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” (Kahn Noonien Singh, 2285 AD)

What “soon to be majority leader” McCarthy actually said was

I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all.

That’s true. But then impeachment for actual corruption – that’s another matter entirely. Regardless of his logic, McCarthy is right. We shouldn’t be talking about impeachment when the investigations haven’t even been done – yet. That’s a rookie mistake (looking at you Nancy).

San Fran Nan managed to impeach the Donald twice – a new national record (Nancy takes a deep curtsy). But how did that work out for her? Was the Donald removed from office? Nope. Was he politically wounded? Not even close. He got 12 million more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016. Nancy forgot the adage, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” The Donald is alive, well, and has the power to trigger Nancy into a blind, incoherent rage on command. Now he’s one of the most powerful political forces in America (Nancy chases another Xanax with her chardonnay). That’s the downside of failed impeachment attempts. We learned it after the Clinton impeachment. The Democrats seem to have learned nothing from their lapses in sanity.

Besides, any call for impeachment should come from the Dems. They’re going to need it to have any chance of salvaging their dumpster fire of a party. But, if the Dems aren’t on board, conviction and removal will never happen and impeachment proceedings would become a circus. And it would be a circus which would distract America from the actual crime – that Democrats have been cashing in our American exceptionalism equity for some banana republic socialism. If conviction and removal were to fail, the Democrats would claim exoneration, and the underlying crimes would be forgotten – and they need to be remembered. So no, let’s not talk about impeachment. Let the Dems bring it up – or not.

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But investigations – that’s something else. McCarthy didn’t say anything about investigations. While Joe is playing with his veto pen between trips to Baskin Robbins, the Republicans are going to have plenty of time for investigations. The next two years should be a target rich environment for them to uncover all of the crap that the Dems have been working overtime to keep hidden. They should find out all of the gory details of how the Dems:

  • Subverted the rule of  law
  • Attacked our personal freedoms
  • Strengthened our enemies
  • Sacrificed our security
  • Profited from our misery

The next two years needs to be a time for a full accounting.

If Speaker McCarthy knows what’s good for him, there better not be any of the party’s typical wimpy investigations – where they ask politely for information, the swamp runs out the clock, and then the Republicans say, “We tried,” while asking for more campaign contributions. Nope, the Republicans need to be held accountable too – for results. These investigations need to display a George Patton level of aggression – to give voters the information they need before the next election.

All information requests should be done with subpoenas – with short turnaround deadlines. These investigations shouldn’t be attempts to maintain comity between the branches of government. It’s not tea time with the voters picking up the tab. We’re overdue for holding bad actors accountable for their transgressions. It’s woodshed time.

The Republicans should fund the government with a series of 30 day continuing resolutions. As long as nobody in government is capable of doing a budget anymore, let’s make it work for us for a change. Any department that attempts to slow walk information, get’s their funding zeroed out after 30 days – until they comply. If Heir Garland decides to drag his feet for 3 months, his high paid help at the DOJ will also need to hold off their creditors for a few months. The founders gave Congress the power of the purse for a reason. It’s time to slap a few bureaucrats with that purse (it’ll hurt worse than it sounds).

And per the precedent that San Fran Nan provided, the Republicans should remove any uncooperative Dems from their committee assignments. Thanks Nance. That should be helpful – and an example of a dish served straight out of the freezer.

After all of the evidence is in, herd all of the Democrats into a metaphorical skinner box – one of those experimental devices where rats have to perform a task or get an electric shock. They can do the right thing, or they can get the shock. Let them call for the removal of

  • Joe Biden for being a crook.
  • Merrick Garland for being a tyrant.
  • Pete Buttigieg for being an idiot.
  • Alejandro Mayorkas for being a tool.

Or they can own the corruption and get the electric shock. In this case, the shock will look like explaining to Americans – in the lead up to 2024 – why it was okay

  • That our President equipped terrorists and surrendered American hostages to them.
  • For our commander in chief to accept gratuities from the Chinese and Russians.
  • For the Biden administration to violate the Constitution and censor our speech.
  • For our DOJ to target the political opposition with fabricated crimes.
  • For scientists at the NIH to profit from a pandemic which they helped to unleash.

And that’s just the stuff that I’m pretty sure the investigations will find. I could be wrong – and if I am, I’ll be happy to admit it. But the Dems have devolved into little more than a crime family. I suspect that following the evidence will lead to some very interesting revelations. It might even lead to some indictments – after President Trump selects his next Attorney General.

Maybe the Dems will do the right thing, come clean, and work to ferret out the rot in their own party. But I’m guessing that it’s going to take a lot more shocks than the average pack of rats need before they catch on. They’re really slow learners.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, American Free News Network, and The Blue State Conservative.  His work has been featured on The Dan Bongino Show, World View Weekend Broadcast with Brannon House, and Steel on Steel with John Loeffler. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at