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The Unreconciled Reconciliation–and Remember 1994: Part II

The problem now is the same as it was in 1994, the same as it was in 1980 (Reagan) and 2016 (Trump). The greatest Republican measure of conservatism that creates “waves” as opposed to pond-stills, e.g. Ford, Romney, McCain, Bush (any one of the New England preppies, carpetbagging Bush clan), is in the South. The real South. Not the South of the contemporary corrupt and bastardized Universities that once graced eternal crafty thought processes with prose, poetry, AND science. The South of Faulkner and Booker T. Washington and the Vanderbilt Agrarians. 

That is the South once flush with a cast of inheritance from Virginians who spread republican and conservative thoughts and messages into the English-speaking Union of states, sovereign states all.

The beast of Hamiltonian nationalism lived mostly in the North, but as long as the “union” survived in its structure (1787), it worked. Each state was independent and sovereign to the world. Such had been stated in The Declaration of Independence–a secession of states from the British Empire—not the forming of some fictitious nation, as per today’s contemporary pretentious conservative minstrels aligning themselves with modernity.  

Herschel Walker, a hell-yes conservative. A Georgian who knows Georgia. Nikki Haley, a hell-yes Scalawag. A South Carolinian who knows Washington. 

Once the “nation had arrived” (replacing the union) via the Republicans and their Hamilton-styled European nationalism (and ultimate socialistic statism): Lincoln, Chase, Seward, et al, the real idea of republicanism was attacked, in great American irony, by the Republicans—like Satan, liars from the beginning. Republicans were nationals, not federalists, not republicans.

Bringing with them their “reconstruction,” as well as their Northern invented and promoted “Jim Crow” and apartheid laws to the broken South, now ruled by military Republicans, they promoted themselves as the party that freed the Negroes. Lies so damnable that today, the modern Washington Deep State looks honest by comparison (See best seller, The Strange Career of Jim Crow–Woodward)

The problem with any red wave is not the opposition from the green weirdos, the Democrat anarchists, or even the Bernie Sanders socialists/communists.  These and their party are weaklings and cowards (along with their media mouthpieces) and can be defeated.  

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The problem lies in those who DO NOT know better but pretend to believe that only the goody-goody Republican party can and will offer a kind of conservatism along the lines of a national and socialistic-minded Lincoln and his 1850s Republicans. These Republicans were not a product of the conservative slave-owning Virginians, but the ilk of nationalistic New England slave traffickers and slave owners themselves.

Modern puffery pieces from ladies and gentlemen, claimants—historically—assert a magnanimous Northern desire to free the blacks through a GREAT CIVIL WAR. These are the modern Fox News addicts, the coarse Mark Levin-styled sorts who listen to like-minded eruptions of misguided and misunderstood history of the Victor Davis Hanson, D’Nesh Desouza, or even the comic book historical literary babblings of the Brian Kilmeade types. 

Most of these fellows, usually presented on Fox, know as much 19th-century American history as I know about the political structure of Somalia; or even worse their kissing cousins the likes of Eric Foner or Bill Kristol or Kevin Levin who bathe in historic larceny and smirk and pile on historical melodrama, absent primary sources.

These untutored rascals spread the manure that is fertilizing the Republican party with the notion that conservatism is nationalism. They claim a position in the red wave, but they are not conservatives, they are not of Virginian seed nor soul (Jefferson et al) They are the same bunch that you should remember back when… if you can remember 1994.

The enemy in front of you is never as dangerous as the enemy within. If a red wave descends on or after November 8, don’t be surprised if you fail to see happen what you were told you would see in the Republican red wave. Remember that Republicans began as liars. They still have their share of them. Remember 1994.

Democrats openly support the worst kind of indecency and will even sacrifice your children both literally and figuratively. A “Blue” wave doesn’t just sound cold, it sounds cold and dark. The other choice is a red wave. Some equate it with Republicans. But remember the liars that they were in the beginning, and know that many continue until now for their beloved Deep (bureaucratic) State. 

Reds are liars. Blues are degenerates.

But red is also the color of blood. And sometimes we shed our own blood for a righteous sacrifice.

Remember the Alamo. Remember Pearl harbor. Remember Appomattox. And for damn sure, remember 1994!