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The Business Of Politics

When I was in my early twenties, I worked at computer supply store. In the two years I worked there the sales manager never lasted more than six months. I had at least six different bosses in that period. One that stood out was a fine man named Kim Sellers. I learned a lot from him. 

One time a customer came in and wanted several boxes of specialized computer printer paper. It was more than we stocked and I would have to order it for him, which required a deposit. The customer was of Middle Eastern decent and he stared me down, condescendingly informing me he was the vice president at XYZ bank and essentially his word was gold. I placed the order without a deposit (I did not realize at the time that everyone but the janitor is a VP at banks). A few days later when I called to let the VP know his pallet of paper was ready for pickup or delivery, he told me he no longer needed it. The restocking fee came out of my commissions and I was disappointed and felt insulted.

Kim sat me down and cheerfully told me that I was learning two great lessons and all it was going to cost me was the restocking fee. First, he told to get over being hurt; this is just business.

Lesson number two: He explained to me that in certain parts of the world deception and intimidation are common negotiating tactics. Be aware of that and don’t fall for it.

The Democratic Party fully embraces deception and intimidation as negotiating tactics. The blatant lies and gaslighting from the current administration and the main stream media is beyond appalling, and seemingly every day they commit a new outrage.  It makes the blood boil. So what do you do? Don’t fall for their intimidation and deception. And try not get hurt; it’s just business. Get out and vote, in person.

Steven Sorg is a longtime friend of The Blue State Conservative, and we are happy to add his input to the broader discussion on this issue.

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