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Time To Vote Against Covid Insanity

As someone who closely follows the news, I have found it amazing that no stories about issues found important by voters include pandemic and COVID failures, especially vaccines. They have caused more than 30 million adverse health impacts and deaths; these are far greater than all the harm caused by crime, opioid and fentanyl misuse, and other factors ruining lives. Over a million Americans have died from COVID and hundreds more die every day because the vaccines do not work and all the wrong, useless protocols still are used in hospitals.

There should be not doubt that the Biden Administration and Democrats have totally screwed up pandemic management and COVID handling. If Americans want major changes, then they should vote for Republicans over Democrats.

Here is a brief list of issues illustrating the failures that require a whole new approach.

The people and agencies in power and the entire medical and public health establishment following the orders of federal agencies have put out nothing but misinformation on COVID vacines. With the help of the mainstream media they have fooled much of the public about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

Probably the worst action is pushing COVID vaccines for children who face far more health risks than benefits from them.

The many lockdowns that countless studies have shown completely ineffective in controlling COVID spread caused enormous economic harm and impacts for many millions of Americans. That reality helped justify massive federal spending that has caused major inflation.

There has been historic oppression of physicians speaking the truth about COVID and advocating alternatives to the vaccines. Many of them have lost their hospital positions and medical licenses. The latest example of authoritarian rule is what has happended to Dr. Peter McCullough, probably the best expert on all aspects of COVID. He was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine after years of service and rising impact factors. There was no phone call, no board meeting, no due process. Just e-mails or certified letters. Powerful dark forces are working in academic medicine to expunge any resistance to the vax. He was also stripped of his board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiology after decades of perfect clinical performance, board scores, and hundreds of peer reviewed publications.

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From the beginning of the pandemic the evil forces controlling pandemic management, especially Fauci, blocked the use of safe and cheap medicines and supplements that were proven to prevent and cure COVID. This wait for the vaccine strategy is the basic cause for millions of deaths and adverse impacts.

With many millions of people suffering from long COVID that ruins quality of life the medical establishments has failed to develop effective treatments for the many symptoms harming people.

There is clear corruption of all the federal agencies (CDC, FDA and NIH) by the big drug companies making billions of dollars from COVID vaccines. Only major political change has the chance of riding all the top officials of these agencies. And also pursuing criminal prosecution of government officials, especially Fauci.

There has been loss of medical freedom for individuals to control whether or not to take vaccine shots. There have been far too many vaccine mandates that have caused informed people to lose their jobs when refusing vaccine shots. And mandates for students in schools and colleges will result in massive harm.

Now is the time for all smart, sensible and informed Americans to think about the need to NOT vote for Democrats in House and Senate races. This view may not persuade far ledt, radical Democrats and Liberals, but I hope that moderate Democrats, independents and others who see pandemic truth will vote for much needed change in our medical and public health system and restore public trust in it. Help spread this view and need to all you know.

Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn, author of Pandemic Blunder and many articles and podcasts on the pandemic, worked on health issues for decades, and his Pandemic Blunder Newsletter is on Substack. As a full professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he directed a medical research program between the colleges of engineering and medicine. As a senior official at the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and the National Governors Association, he directed major studies on health-related subjects; he testified at over 50 US Senate and House hearings and authored hundreds of articles and op-ed articles in major newspapers. He has served as an executive volunteer at a major hospital for more than 10 years. He has been a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and America’s Frontline Doctors.