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The Poisoning Of Our Society For Politics And Profit

Historically the demo-socialist party has been an amalgamation of various “oppressed” groups. A major change has occurred in the past few years both in our political and social structure. The media has raised  the homosexual group as the new to be championed segment of society in a last attempt to keep their socialist party friends in power. They are a small group indicating how desperate is the need for votes. The dems are ruthless and will attempt any deed to retain their hand on the money spigot.  The old conglomeration of the parties’ faithful has eroded over the past 30 years leaving holes to fill in the party base.  Now media recognition and support have created a new “majority” dynamic.

 The alleged growth in homosexual numbers has been boosted by the continuing propaganda of the media and the overwhelming number of drugs in our environment. The actual basic factor is directed by genetics.  The amygdala controls fear or flight portion of the brain as well as ones’ sexual proclivities. The influence of birth control pills, Ritalin, valium and other drugs that are behavioral modifiers has seeped into susceptible individuals and modified behaviors in many cases.

We now see fat painted ?girls? screaming on the street with their friends in protest of everything that could be imagined.  Being a part of any group is the prime motivating force for self preservation and being on camera is great for the ego. The media has latched on to these unfortunates as a political group to try to enhance the numbers voting for their socialist bosses.  We are bombarded with diversity and equality blather for these individuals on a daily basis.  This provides the media with two things, one being fodder for a rabid audience and two being the ability to charge higher rates to their pharmaceutical clients for advertising purposes.

A main customer group for the drug companies are young women wanting birth control and those that require chemical support for better emotional stability. Many dread getting out of bed for the first morning view of the mirror. What can these women do to survive this trauma? Drugs are the unfortunate answer.  These are not illegal compounds, rather they are prescription medications that have overwhelmed our bodies.  The result is 54% of women voters are taking an anti-depressant drug and these were only the ones that admitted being under psychiatric treatment. The result of these college girls taking Ritalin is similar to a ferret on methedrine.  The 40% of young men that are drug users fade further into the background of insignificance to society and often become college professors or politicians while sniveling in the mirror.

The next pharmaceutical danger is of course birth control drugs and hormones.  There are about 40 million women taking these drugs. The question is “So what, we have been taking them for decades”?  The answer is that these compounds end up in the water systems of many cities through the sewer lines.  They are not currently removed from the water you drink everyday. Only a very minuscule amount of estrogen and other compounds are ingested but on a daily basis this adds up to a small dose over time and is dangerous.

How many transvestites and homosexuals and sniveling boys have been created and thrust into society by our reliance on pharmaceuticals?  What are the consequences of this huge change in behaviors?  We know that the young high school mass shooters were taking anti-depressants before their explosions.  These kids are obvious drug induced creations but the sexual orientation changes are a bit more subtle even though the sexual mutilation scam is booming.  The medical industry receives huge financial benefits from both proscribing mood altering drugs and unnecessarily carving up of our young children.

Another piece of this puzzle is the destruction of the stability of the family by our government.  Child Protective Services has taken the role of the paddle from the rearing of children.  Many families are destroyed for trying to establish discipline in the home. Drugs are the required legal substitute for societal standards. There are no negative consequences for any activity as mommy always makes sure her baby only gets blue ribbons and Ritalin. The children do not have to accept the consequences of being ill prepared for the day.  They do not build the resolve to step back to the plate and work harder if they fail. This conditions them to taking drugs as an answer for everything in their lives so they were easily conned into a pill for a flu bug.

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The last piece of trauma is that unplanned sterilization of young women is occurring as a consequence of untested flu compounds being injected under very questionable circumstances. This includes a huge rise in stillborn babies and miscarriages.  This chemical pollution will result in the mental stagnation of our society.  The effects of the legal drugs and their licensed pushers need to be examined very carefully.

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Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American and Senior Fellow of the PRAC Foundation offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.