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Enemies: Foreign And Domestic

There have been 3-4 million invaders who have crossed into the United States through the Texas border since the current “administration” has taken office. That is the Texas border, not “our” southern border. It doesn’t belong to some national country government. It is my state and my home. If you attempt to enter my home in Houston to steal, I won’t call any “defunded” police, I won’t timidly watch as you ravish my home and steal what is mine, I will introduce you to my two fine home companions—Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

 At least a similar number probably has come through New Mexico, Arizona, and California. But that is their problem. I live in Texas. I would care, but I don’t care about anyone but those Texans who are been robbed, assaulted, pilfered, and endangered by hoodlums from all over the world.  And as least as much I care about my home.

I am not in charge, but if I were I would have opened fire a long time ago on the border. Gun control to many of us always has meant the ability to aim and hit. And not with any sissy pepper bags, or whatever the wimp weapon of the day is. And for the record, I wish those border patrol guys had possessed bull whips to drive those damn invading migrant bastards back across the river. Invading enemies all!

“Give me your tired, your weary… ?”  Get lost–and take George Soros with you.

These are enemies. These are thugs who have killed thousands of Texans with their poison pill drug candies, droplets—whatever–and ravaged their private property. And now they charge with their own damn flags, throwing rocks and cursing our land, while supported by the Washington D.C. “fifth column” political thugs (which includes not only degenerate Democrats but their Republican anti-labor-lobbyist political whores).

Don’t shoot them? Well then don’t expect to stop them. These “people,” mostly from what Chairman Mao called “The Third World,” are portrayed as innocent women and children and/or “people” seeking a better way of life. Well, so are those bastards (yes for the most part) who are allowed (by the same Washington-liberal political types) to walk into stores and help themselves to others’ property then march down the streets and crap publicly on the sidewalks. Don’t stop them with gunfire? Then you won’t stop them. The store robbers are a microcosm of the thieves and killers invading Texas. These people are not “innocents,” they are animals.

I can hear the earthy trashy mentally moronic media types on the news now: “Crazy Texan wants to shoot disadvantaged migrants—oh what can we do with extremists like this? And mercy, mercy, he wants to whip them too.” You are damn right. But don’t whisper it. Shout it to the highest rooftops you stupid progressive liberal untutored trash. I do indeed, say open fire before they destroy all of us. We need more MEN like George Patton and fewer sissies like George Will.

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No, I am not crazy. You in the media are as crazy as your kissing-cousin government professional congressmen, senators, and entrenched bureaucrats.  Not to mention an administration with a demented president, a stupid hack-lackey so-called Vice (this is certainly true) President, and a command clubhouse (The White House) full of more stooges than Barnum and Bailey had in its prime. 

Ron Klain giving me a “warning”? You go to hell you little big-mouth bum! I sign your paycheck and you threaten me?

The so-called “federal” government (really the national state) is supposed to control these invading and unwanted aliens but it is so corrupt that I would not trust it to take up arms and would not allow it to be armed if I were in charge. It certainly has a record of shooting the wrong people (Ruby Ridge, Waco) The F.B.I. the C.I. A. and the Pentagon are among the most dangerous savages on this planet. And they, sadly are armed by “we the people.”

The point is: VOTERS are in a vice, a pincer movement. On one side are the Washington enemies who are supposed to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. But they hate “we the people.” And on the other side, the foreign invaders, robbing, raping, and stealing. 

I will vote and encourage “honest” men (that means men and women for the poorly taught) to vote. But God, not the Constitution, gave me the right to freely associate with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. And we get together every day and every night.

So, don’t tread on me you foreign and domestic devils!

You don’t screw around with old men who have little time anyway!